The Joe Deertay 3

So who’s heard of Joe Deertay? Not the rocker, who always has an upbeat attitude, even though his parents abandoned him in the Grand Canyon, but the sample kit series from MSXII. MSXII are one of the most popular and respected kit manufacturers out there today, so when I get the chance to review one of there kits, I’m always very intrigued to discover what they have delivered and this time its no different.


The new release from MSXII is The Joe Deertay 3 kit. This follows Joe Deertay and Joe Deertay 2. These are 2 respected sample based kits with some nice warm melodies. They will allow your mind to expand when occurring a producers beat block.


As with JD 1 and 2, all the compostions are royalty free, so you can have 100% confidence that you will have no issues when it comes to copyrights. Joe Deertay 3 has been crafted by having the drum and bass recorded meticulously.  The samples have been carefully textured via an EQ and saturation, with a few Fender Rhodes distributed out. The theme of Joe Deertay 3 comes from the 70’s, a simply feel good sound. This kit is aimed at a sampling producer, who likes to chop. The compositions have also been wrapped with warm analog synths, a filthy guitar and mellotron wavs.


The Joe Deertay 3 includes:


  • 11 (plus 1 bonus) original MSXII composition in 16 bit .wav format
  • Stems of all tracks have been included for each instrument of every composition to even further enhance your mix
  • Starter chopped REX2 example files to help you get going
  • No harsh limiting or mastering as the samples give a lot of head room
  • Compatible with all major DAWs that use .wav format including Ableton, Logic Pro, FL Studio, Reason, Pro Tools etc.
  • Samples range from 80-132BPM
  • Over 1GB worth of compositions


On the face of it, JD3 is split into 3 folders; Idea starting example chops, Original compositions and Stems. There are 43 REX files in the idea-starting folder, which will help you get started. These have all been taken from the compositions. As explained earlier there are 11 compositions and as you may expect these can be located in the original composition folder. If you are looking for a particular stem from a particular track, don’t worry. MSXII have organized the folders, so you wont be searching through stem after stem.


The first thing you notice is the sound quality. The audio is clear and very clean. You can tell that MSXII have EQ’d these compositions very well.  The compositions sound warm, which is a continuation of its elders. MSXII have really delivered a feel good 70’s feel to this kit. Exactly what they aimed for. If you are into making the more relaxed, chilled out genre of music, this kit is aimed at you and something worth looking at.


Working with this kit and going through the compositions, ideas start popping up about how I’m going to chop them up, so they definitely get your creative side working. A few of my favorites are Daughters, Dream then work, Roscoe and Stay with me.


All of these compositions are royalty free and you wont have any clearance issues, but as far as sounds and samples go, there are better out there, even if you have to dig. The only thing is you may run into a copyright issue if the track blows up. I like JD3, but it just doesn’t stand out enough and say this is a must have. It does deliver confidence knowing that you won’t have an expensive bill coming through your door at any moment and all compositions are very workable.


The Joe Deertay 3 kit can be grabbed from DrumBroker for $44.99. If you think about it. It’s not bad considering these are all royalty free and they are decent samples delivering high audio quality, You can also buy the classic bundle, which delivers JD 1, 2 & 3 for a great price of $99.99. Be sure to catch me at @UKAntSmith


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