Special Limited Edition: “Snares On Fleek” Review

Waddup MM, back with another review this time from the Blap Master !llmind special edition blap kit snares on fleek

!llmind is at it again, this time giving us some !ll snares to create with. The blap master has become well known for crafting undeniably ill samples! From smacking drums to full synth compositions and even his first Kontakt bass library, !llmind has done it all! While some sample kits are like a Mcdonalds meal, lots of fat, garbage and fillers. !llmind seems to continuously drop fully usable dope sample kits. According to urbandictionary.com “on fleek” is basically “the quality of being perfect, or on point”! That is EXACTLY what these snares are.

This kit contains 65 unique snare samples created from scratch and molded using analog hardware. According to !llmind they were processed through an Ensoniq ASR-10, Akai S20, AMS RM16, L480 & Baldwin Amp. One strength of this kits is each sound has its own character. Only a few are duplicate sounds with different versions of them self. You can hear that a lot of processing was put into these sounds to get them top shelf. Another thing to note is the fact that these snares have a wide range in variety. We get some REALLY tweaked out space age metallic snares, some muted softer snares, some snares with extra delays and tails on them, even some good old big boom bap snares!

Snare Egork is a dope one. It has a sharp transient with a delay in which you can use with or without the delay by gating it. Becareful in how you use due to the fact that this snare can easily cause the listener some neck pain (head nod inducer).

Snare Govnor easily got my vote! It hits hard and has great character. All the qualities you look for in your local govenor selections and sound arsenal. You can throw it on grid and just slap a Kanye acapella possibly leading you to a Grammy nomination. (please include me in your Grammy award thank you’s.)

Snare_Bank really stood up to its name making me want to deposit it into my personal sound bank in which I can use as a part of my own track, it has a slight delay tail at the end. Its very faint. Seriously a !ll pick!

I really enjoyed Snare Qtip. It doesn’t have crazy long body which isn’t bad. There are plenty of times where you need something that is short and to the point. At the end of the day the point I’m trying to make is that you need this kit in your soundscape pallet.

Snare Wonda, which is a snare with snap, caught my attention and made me want to start making a track as I was writing this review. What I dig about this snare is its pop and snap! Also the fact that it has another version of it in which I can choose between just in case I want more tail. You can tell illmind had the picky producer in mind by giving us different options to choose from.

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