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It’s Daysun Civil from Maschine Masters with another Drum kit review. Guys, this feels like another one! What do I mean by that? I mean I have a real treat for you guys. What would you say if I told you that you can get Timbaland’s drums? You would tell me, no way! Then, I would tell you…Heck yeah, WAY! I have something new and special for you guys. It’s called The Oracle Pack Vol. 1. Let’s get right into this one.


The Oracle Pack Vol. 1 has been buzzing on the internet for a couple of weeks. This is because this kit was created by a dope producer and sound designer. His name is Anomaly and he was responsible for the sound designing of drum kits used by Timbaland. You have heard Anomaly’s drums on tracks from Jay Z’s Magna Carta album and Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 album.  Specifically, Anomaly’s drums were featured on Tom Ford, Suit and Tie, and Picasso Baby. Got to his website and check him out. There are two videos for you to review.


Hold up! Let’s focus more on The Oracle Pack Vol. 1. I love it upon opening it because he has everything formatted and labeled in folders. There are six folders of sounds. There are 36 hi-hats, 44 kicks, 19 loops, 16 percussion, 47snares and 42 vox sounds. That is a total of 204 sounds. I did not even mention that the vox sounds are in 8 bit format.


The sound quality of The Oracle Pack Vol. 1 is tight because each sound has its own texture and presence. The loops are dope and I can actually see Timbaland using patterns like these to make one of those killer tracks. The snares and claps are punchy, crispy and have a lot of character. The kicks are deep and can definitely sit in a track or dominate the track. They are equalized very well.


The Oracle Pack Vol. 1 is tight drum-kit for Anomaly’s first outing into the sample kit market. Anomaly definitely know what he is doing. I have the tendency to skip through a lot of kits because I have heard the same sounds so much. The Oracle Pack Vol. 1 does not disappoint because the sonics and dynamics of the kit sound really good. There is a defined character in each sound. The loops are my favorite!  The robotic sound of the 8bit vox samples is different too, and kind of reminds me of SonicCoutures “Speak n Spell” library.


Hey, if you like Timbaland’s production then you need to get drums from the man that was designing his kits. Anomaly made sure The Oracle Pack Vol. 1 has a certain feel to that makes you want to make a dope track. The loops alone are dope enough to start a track that will get the rappers to want to purchase those beats. I am not gassing either. Head over to Anomaly’s site make a purchase for 35.00 dollars. You can’t beat that!


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