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We got a premium review from our latest partners over at realdrumsamples and this one should get all the Hip-Hop heads buzzing. These guys are new off the block and have come loaded.  All producers know that drums are essential to any track. Line Of Legends comes packed with drum samples, that would make anyone’s mouth water.


If you’re continually searching for that perfect drum sample for your track, your spending less time being creative and making beats. You can tweak the EQ, compressor or filter you have applied to the drum sample, but wouldn’t it be good if you already had a massive library of drums that have already been EQ’d, compressed and filtered? You can just quickly grab the sample you want and away you go. More time creating, less time searching through your drum library. Well the Line of Legends kit could be what you need.


Each drum sample has been individually specified to give a certain degree of impact, whilst keeping the dynamic integrity of the drum sample alive. According to realdrumsamples producers such as Souldiggaz, Young Fyre, Claudio Cueni, Ambience and Soulsearchin’ all own this kit and that’s just naming a few. A full list of owners can be found on their website.


One thing that stands out straight away is the organization of this kit. It has been clearly organized to improve workflow and allow the producer to find the right sample as quickly as possible. On the initial face we have 8 folders 808, Clap, Cymbals, Hi Hat, Kick, Snaps, Snares and Tom’s. The 808 folder is further dissected into Hi Hat’s, Kick’s, Snares and Tom’s. The Cymbal folder has been split into Crashes and Rides. Even the Hi Hats have had attention and split into Closed Hi Hats and Open Hi Hats.  This is a dream for me, as I am very fussy with the organization of my samples and its pleasant to see everything categorized and organized.


Line of Legends is packed full of drum samples that include the following:



  • 9 Hi Hats
  • 27 Kicks
  • 21 Snares
  • 9 Toms


Standard Drums

  • 51 Claps
  • 14 Crashes
  • 22 Rides
  • 11 Closed Hi Hats
  • 10 Open Hi Hats
  • 53 Kicks
  • 22 Snaps
  • 50 Snares
  • 50 Toms


That’s one hell of a list right, but how do they sound? All the drum samples are clear and of high quality. This kit overwhelms you with drum samples and there are a huge variety of sounds. As you would expect my favorite folders are the Kicks and Snares. Both giving maximum punch for the relative sample. A special mention does have to go to the Tom’s folder as they really do sound alive and kicking. I could go into further detail, but if you’re serious about making it to the top, then you really want to invest in your drums. Line of Legends would be an honorable candidate in your library that will serve you well, allow you to become diverse with your drum sounds and more efficient in your workflow.


This is a fully packed premium kit released by a hungry competitor that has the right idea about making a complete kit. This is a massive kit and it’s hard to find this amount of unique drum samples that don’t sound similar to what is already on the market. However, the Line of Legends kit adds its own little twist.


Line of legends can be purchased from for very reasonable price of $59.95, but if your quick you can grab it for a dope price of $44.95. This is an introductory offer that can change at any moment. So if you’re serious, grab it quick. Be sure to catch me at @UKAntSmith


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