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Greetings from the lab. VolcanoBeats here, and I’m back at you again with more content to fill up your favorite sampler/DAW. This time it’s the latest sample pack from the sound design gurus over at MSXII, TalkBox Samples. Yes that talkbox. The device that Mr. Troutman and Mr. Riley used so eloquently. This set comes with about 60 samples of modulated goodness to chop, loop and mangle to your heart’s desire. MSXII’s Talkbox Samples are in 16 bit/44khz format for across the board compatibility. Okay, enough with the technical stuff, how does it sound?


Much like everything else from MSXII, the sounds are of the highest quality. I like these guys because they not only give you the traditional drum hits and loops; they go off the radar to supply us with those different, sometimes odd sounds that any real producer could get into. Talkbox Samples is full of ohh’s, aahh’s, vowels and a few timeless classics in the style of Troutman’s contribution to the 90’s hip hop classic “California Love” (yes that classic “Oooo” is included in this set).


These gems are broken down into separate folders making it easy to find something and run with it. These 7 folders are titled “Alright”, “Baby”, “Come on Now”, “Get (Down)”, “Misc”, “Oh” and “Vowels”. What I like is that they give you a few different variations of the phrases in each folder like the “Baby” samples for example. That folder gives you 4 different takes on the phrase “Baby” which I think is pretty dope. Out of all the folders, the MISC folder stuck out the most to me with it having 11 different phrases to choose from. There was one sound in particular that sparked me titled “Let’s Go to Work” and that I did upon hearing it. (Check out my demo track below. Shameless plug, I know.)


What I didn’t mention is that all of the sounds are dry with no effects so you can hear them very clearly. Also that means you have the ability to do with them as you please and not have them be too muddy or too bright. So to the big question, how can these sounds be used? I can see them being used as the main sample/basis for a track because of how melodic they are. Also I can hear them being used to add a little vocal spice that some tracks may need. Not to mention pitch shifting and drenching them in effects to achieve even more possibilities. All in all a great product.


These sounds are definitely a great buy for the producers like myself that have hoards of sounds and are looking for something new to add to the repertoire. This sample pack will only set you back 25 bucks so it’s not a bad investment in any sense. So go grab those asap and get back to work with some new and interesting sounds, peace. And in the meantime, check out this beat I made using the kit!


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