Matt McGinely Coffee Breaks

Once again, it’s Daysun Civil from Maschine Masters. I’m back with another drum kit review. This time Matt McGinley from “Gym Class Heroes” has decided to enter the realm of sound design. Matt’s product is entitled Coffee Breaks.  By the sound of this kit. I think he knows what the people want. We want something fresh and new. Anyway, let’s get right into this one.


Matt McGinley is the drummer for the group Gym Class Heroes. He has taken his years of experience in producing and releasing commercial records to compile an acoustic drum kit entitled Coffee Breaks. The folder format is comprised of four folders of content and 23 breaks that are not contained in a folder. The folders are labeled “Fills” (41 drum fills), “Hits” (54 one shots), “Gimme Room” (23 breaks in an alternative room), and “Documenting”. The “Documenting” folder contains images of the drums, different recording rooms, mics, processing, and recording equipment used to make this project.


Let’s dive into the sound. First off, I love the sound of Coffee Breaks because the breaks, snares, toms, and bass drums are solid and robust but not too wide. Coffee Breaks provides a sound that most beat makers, sound designers, and producers will love. The fills are great and have that punch that producers love. It’s a punch and presence that’s associated with great recordings. Matt offers more than just the breaks. He also offers one-shots. The hats, crashes, snares, kicks, toms and other drum sounds are robust and pleasing to the ear. Great mixing and effects!


There’s no bias when I review a kit. Each kit gets a clean slate. Really, I just want to say Matt McGinley understands his way around the studio! Honestly, Coffee Breaks is one of the best acoustic drum sample kits I have heard. It’s great for hip-hop, rock, soul and experimental producers. The sound quality is thick. For example, the reverb coming off the snare from Break 6 in the Gimme Room folder is so tight. I love Break 10 as well. It is located in the same folder.


Here is my problem with most acoustic drum sample kits… the drummer tries to sound too hip-hop or the sound quality is too thin. That is not the case here. Matt McGinley definitely knows about good processing and equalization. Also, Coffee Breaks offers a lot of variety. It takes a lot for a kit like this to impress me. As a producer, I sometimes wonder, what am I going to do with an acoustic kit? Not in this case. The quality is there.


If you are looking for some new acoustic drums with a robust, dark, husky and deep feel, then Coffee Breaks is the kit for you. Coffee Breaks provides that sounds hip-hop producers can appreciate. Be sure to put some Coffee Breaks in your production arsenal by heading over to the Drum Broker and purchase this kit for 24.99.


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