Erik Jackson Sunday Breaks

What’s up everybody? It’s Daysun Civil with another Drum kit review. This time, I am listening and critiquing a product from a sound designer I have not had the prior privilege of reviewing. His work is no stranger to beat makers, producers, or Maschine Masters. In my case though, I have only listen to or used some of his sounds. So, this should be a treat. Could this be divine intervention with a title like “Sunday Breaks”? Let’s see what blessing Erik Jackson has in store.


Here is some background information. Erik Jackson is a music producer/sound designer from Orlando Florida. He has produced a plethora of sample and drum based products for producers. Some of his previous titles includes: The Essential 808, Midnight Melodies, Night Moves, The ‘Dusted Velvet’ Pack, and The ‘Analog Soul’ Drum Kit. With Erik Jackson’s latest drum kit ‘Sunday Breaks’, he hopes to continue in the same innovative fashion.


‘Sunday Breaks’ is a drum kit filled with 50 drumbreaks and one demo. This kit has various patterns with multiple sonic layers and varying textures to please any beat maker and/or drummer. ‘Sunday Breaks’ offers snare drum and hi-hat sticking, rim shots, tom patterns, ride cymbal hits and crashes, ghost notes and bass drum kicks. ‘Sunday Breaks” includes cymbal and hi-hat solos as well as drum fills. Likewise, the same can be said for various snare and kick drum patterns.


Let me hip you to this! Records have not been sampled to produce these sounds. A drummer is playing a drumset. ‘Sunday Breaks’ is a kit that does not provide producers with one shot sounds. You will have to put in some work. That is what a true beat chopper and sample juggler loves.


Upon first listen, I thought this was going to be another drum kit where someone plays a drumset trying to emulate hip-hop breaks. That is getting tiring. To my surprise, ‘Sunday Breaks’ gave me the ability to hear organically different patterns, effects and raw textures being produced. I can hear the use of different snares. The ghost notes were tight too! The mics where placed in different positions to produce dynamics. My favorite breaks are SB10, SB25, SB30, SB34, SB39, SB44, SB45 and SB50.


My one small issue is ‘Sunday Breaks’ organization of similar breaks or variations. See, the drumbreaks are not grouped within folders. This is a minimal issues compared to all the material Erik Jackson provides. Besides, there is so much potential locked in just one break.


Producers, ‘Sunday Breaks’ can be a blessing to sample based producers and beat makers needing new drum patterns, sounds or drum chops to make otherworldly productions. As I stated earlier, Erik Jackson provides a lot of different snare, hi-hat, tom and kick sounds to help you create something really organic and raw. Head over to the Drum Broker  and listen to the demo and purchase Erik Jackson Presents: ‘Sunday Breaks’ for $24.99.


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