Eric Jackson Sunday Breaks II

Eric Jackson is becoming a household name for beat makers and for good reasons. Well with me and my fellow beat makers anyway. Each kit is unique and quite diverse. I have had the privilege to review Midnight Melodies and Night Moves, whilst Dustin did a review on Dusted Velvet and 4AR carried out a review on Essential 808. All the kits I have mentioned will boost your arsenal, but be sure to check out the reviews for more detail. The latest release from Eric is Sunday Breaks II. A kit dedicated to breaks and if he delivers like he did on previous kits, we are in for a treat!


According to Drum Broker Eric Jackson is an A-List sound designer and from what I have heard, I cannot argue. The younger brother, Sunday breaks was very popular, which is why Sunday Breaks II has replicated the setup. Why change a winning formula, right!


So what was the setup? A DW woofer extension was used to record the kicks, creating a virtual thud, beefing up that baby. Eric also used an Audix DP7 drum microphone pack, with each microphone being individually shaped and compressed by 9 separate Avalon 737 pre amps. You would have thought this was enough, but no, Eric went one step further as all of the Avalon Pre’s were fed to an SSL Stereo Bus Compressor. To top it all off all the sounds were recorded to a Studer A 827.


All the breaks are recorded at 90bpm, which makes it easy to organize. These breaks are squeezed into 1 folder and delivered in  .WAV format, which makes the breaks compatible with most DAWs including Reason, Ableton, Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Fruit Loops etc. The kit delivers 67 breaks and 18 fills, all at exceptional high audio quality.


Now for the main event and what you have all been waiting for, how do they sound? Well the first thing you notice is the quality and clarity of the audio samples. They sound delicious to the ear. The setup really allows the kick to slice through the mix, creating that big, deep backbone to your track. The snares are crisp and explosive, with no reverb added. All the breaks are crystal clear and ready to chop. The hats and cymbals really caught my ear, as they have such a light and easy feel within the breaks. You can really tell that these have been directed to the beatmakers that like to add a bit of soul into the mix.


There are 18 fills and these are also at high audio quality. They can all be used with the breaks or adjusted and added to your track solo. There are a wide variety of fills, which will allow you to mix up your track easily and avoid it being boring and repetitive. Personally I would have preferred more breaks over the fills, however I understand the need to add them.


Sunday Breaks II can now be coped from DrumBroker at a very reasonable price of $24.99. If you use breaks a lot in your work, I would highly recommend this break kit. Be sure to catch me at @UKAntSmith


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