Cardiak Presents – The Godfather Scores

Waddup MM familia? Cardiak is baaaaaaack! This time he’s made us an offer we can’t refuse! (In my Don Corleone voice)

Francis Ford Coppola’s master piece known as the Godfather is the inspiration for Cardi’s latest kit. From what my ears just peeped, homie was REALLY inspired!

I’d go so far as to say this project sounds like it would fit perfect with the movie. I could imagine several of the scenes with these “samples” playing in the back creating the perfect moods for the accompanying scenes.

All samples in the kit come in two forms: a folder labeled The Godfather mp3’s, and a folder labeled The GodFather Stems. The mp3 folder contains stereo mixes of each sample. The stems folder contains stems of each instrument for each. Also each sample leads in with both strings and pianos, the strings drop out at the halfway point of the sample

I don’t want to give too much away about the epicness of these samples so here’s a preview: the first 5 tracks broken down.

The “soundtrack” opens with DON VITO, a dark brooding piano piece sprinkled with subtle yet epic strings. This piece has a dark sinister feel to it! It sounds like it could be an alternative to the strangely haunting music that the film opens with. This would set the mood for the scene where Don Corleone hears requests in his role as the Godfather, the Don of a New York crime family.

PACINO NEW has a heavy emotional feel to it. Similar to the first track we get dark pianos and epic strings. This one however has a melancholy vibe. This sample much like Don Corleone demeanor is gravely serious. Also remember the scene where Michael talks about killing a cop. I can hear this one coming on as soon as Michael says “its strictly business”!

SONNY is the next one and sounds melancholy as did the previous. The Godfather had a lot of moments in the story where this feeling was prevalent because of all the family had gone through as well as done. This sample is more up tempo than the previous one. The usual dark pianos are contrasted with a bright piano. Both are accompanied by the epic bending strings. I could see this one being used in the funeral scene, right as the hearses are pulling in and the bell starts ringing.

Fun fact: Richard S.Castellano’s widow, says he was the nephew of Gambino crime family boss Paul Castellano. Chew on that! Was anyone more equipt to play the role of Pete Clemenza? This brings me to the next sample CASTELLANO. This sample similar to PACINO is heavy emotionally. As heavy as plotting a murder at dinner! We get this intense feeling throughout the entire project.

Last but not least JACKWOLTZ. This one uses a subtle method to convey the feeling of leading up to an event of impending doom. Almost like a “you’ve been warned” feeling. Remember the horse head?

Overall I would have to say out of all the piano and string kits Cardiak has released, this is my favorite! the entire kit conveys the feeling of seriousness as well as having that dangerous vibe. Straight Epic audio!


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