Bullyfinger Presents – Modular Damage Review

What up MM world! Its 4AR here with a review that could be useful in your arsenal. Bullyfinger Presents: Modular Damage. Modular Damage is fully loaded with digitally modified kicks, snares, claps, loops and blips compiling synthesizer heaven.

Containing a total of almost 400 sounds, Modular Damage was created within a maze of modular EuroRack patch cords leading into continuous metamorphosis. All files are provided in 24bit/96khz WAV format and are bit heavy. Starting with the kicks, there are definitely some low thumpers, and the sub drops and are breakdown worthy. The snares and claps are dope sounding, like melodic vintage bit wars. Also included are some whacked out flanged hats and digital alien march loops that can build distorted character even in non electronic beats.


BullyFinger employed a pretty substantial laundry list of gear to create this kit. Many EuroRack modules were used as you can see below:

  • Make Noise: Phonogene | Maths | Optomix | Rene | Pressure Points and Brains | Function
  • Intellijel: Shapeshifter | Rubicon | uFold | Plog
  • Malekko/Wiard: Noisering | Anti-Oscillator | Borg 1
  • STG Soundlabs: Post-Lawsuit LPF | Mixer
  • Mutable Instruments: Tides
  • Tiptop Audio: Z3000 mkII
  • AMSynths: AM8060se JP6 Filter
  • Doepfer: A102 Diode LPF
  • Harvestman: Polivoks VCF


I like this kit more as a secondary kit that will accompany other sounds. The foundation of drums tend not to stand on their own, but will really propel other sounds as layers to add the digital ring. The loops will require a little more chopping and creative shaping that will make sense. Plenty of potential for endless composing.

Modular Damage is one of four kits we have seen from come from sound designer BullyFinger recently, along with Ago Vega Breaks, Bliptron and NESynth. All of these kits seem to follow a similar underlying electronic theme, so I am looking forward to see what new content he releases in the future.

Listed at a price of $24.99 it’s not a bad seal compared to the volume of sounds included. My overall grade of this kit is a C. With only few drum sounds that would standalone, you will certainly wind up using the majority of these sounds as layers to accent distortion and cut for your tracks. As always, be sure to check it out for yourself, and catch more product reviews here at MaschineMasters.com.


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