Bullyfinger Bliptron

Greetings fellow Maschinists, VolcanoBeats here with an exclusive fresh off the presses. A dope collection of lo-fi, 8 bit and some outright different drum sounds. Bullyfinger’s Bliptron. A vast collection of over 600 sounds sampled from such classics as the Commodore 64 SID, Atari 2600, Nintendo Gameboy, Dave Smith Tempest, Casio VL-Tone and more. The sounds are organized in folders named by which machine they were sampled from. Also there is a folder titled “Created” which most likely holds custom sounds that were concocted on the Tempest and such.


I know the lo-fi/8 bit sound game is a whole entity upon itself but I personally never used any lo-fi sounds so this was a welcome edition to my sonic pallet. It’s advertised to include over 600 sounds total but the Commodore 64 SID library has over 500 snares alone, so its safe to say there are well over 1000 sounds. Ironically this “lo-fi” collection comes in 24bit/96khz format so all my hardware heads better check your specs before copping this one. Should have across the board compatibility if you use DAW/soft samplers.


Okay, so as always, how does it sound? Um, well that’s harder to explain. I mean they’re lo-fi and high quality at the same time? Yes they are. Sound quality is on point. Even though lo-fi is the goal, the sounds are not low quality. They stand out and cut through which is always a good thing. The collection is just that, a collection. Everything ranging from kicks with decent depth and bottom to classic Atari Blip sounds. The sounds within this library can be used as the skeleton of your tracks or just add-ons to spice them up. Though it is a “drum library” there are a lot of blippy, plucky sounds that can be stretched and pitched and turned into something totally new. My favorite of all is the Commodore 64 SID.  What’s lo-fi/8-bit without it? It’s amazing that this computer over 30 years old had so many dope sounds in it. Everything from chimes to snares that sound like static. All types of sounds to layer.


I give it a thumbs up. Like I stated before I never used any lo-fi sounds because I thought I didn’t have any use for them.  That was until I got my hands one these and now I’m using them in all types of ways to add spice and start some new productions too. So if you find yourself in the mood for some dope sounds that are out of the norm, get these and get creative. Have at it, signing off.


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