Twelve Bit Soul Vol.2

      What up MM? Back with another Exclusive review and one for all you old school Hip-Hop heads and SP-1200 lovers. Not so long ago Divided Souls released the amazing Twelve Bit Soul Kit. This was a great kit and one that should not be taken lightly. Luckily for us, Divided Souls have blessed us with yet another edition, Twelve Bit Soul Vol. 2. My man Richard Ballad gave Vol. 1 a great review, which can be viewed in the link above. So I’m feeling honored to deliver no. 2.

Twelve Bit Soul Kit Vol. 2 is a collection of Kicks, Snares and Percussion that have been brewing since vol. 1 and now Divided Souls are ready to dish this tasty meal up. As I’m sure you have already guessed all the sounds are in 12-bit form. They have all been carefully selected and recorded using the famous SP-1200 from E-mu. If you haven’t heard of this standalone machine, well you been sleeping. Twelve Bit Soul delivers a nice warm ambience, which for many, is unique to the SP-1200.

So what do we have, Well as previously explained this is a collection of Kick, Snares and Percussion. To be precise Twelve Bit Soul Vol. 2 is loaded with 39 Kicks, 40 Snares and 26 Percussion sounds. The percussion sounds are accumulated with Cowbells, Hi-hats, Bongos, Crash’s, a Shaker and a Triangle. All of the sounds are in .WAV format and compatible with most DAWS including Ableton, Cubase, Reason, Logic, Pro Tools, Fruit Loops etc.

One thing I noticed straight away was how well this kit was organized. 3 Simple folders, Kicks, Snares and Percussion, That’s it. No complicated structure, but pure and simple logic. This is definitely a big thumbs up to Divided Souls. An unorganized kit is definitely one of my pet hates. This makes it quick and simple for us to file our sounds the exact way we want them.

As you would expect from a kit of this size, there is a wide variety of sounds that can be used for many different combinations. The Kicks range from a deep light thud to a reverbed BOOM kick. We get kicks that are gritty, 808’s, Sub’s, Thumps and many more. Chimes Street Kick, Doom Kick, Silver and Black and Ominous Kick are a few of my favorites.

The percussion is really crisp and clear, just like the rest of the kit. They are all so pleasant on the ear. The percussion folder is mainly filled with Hi-Hats. If you think you have enough hi-hats to play with. If they came from a standard kit I pretty much guarantee they don’t sound as epic as these. I’m a little fussy with my hi-hats, but I don’t have any complaints with these. All the percussion sounds are workable.

Now for the snares. There is so much variety I’m spoilt for choice. Some of these snares are tender and light, where as others are hard hitting and some even throw on a little reverb. Some of my favorite snares in this kit are Crunchy Clap, Hard Body Snare, Oil Drum Snare and Short Notice Snare.

To sum this kit up, there is so much to play with you want be getting bored in a hurry. Some of the sounds are more workable than others, but all in all I am a big fan of this kit and you get a lot for your money. All the sounds give you that old school feel, which I personally love. If you loved Vol. 1 and you’re a fan of the SP-1200, you wont be disappointed when you purchase this kit. So make sure you go over to DrumBroker, drop $14.99 on this great kit and feel happy you have just received a lot of bang for buck. You even get free delivery and a HUGE ASS dope “12 Bit Soul” Sticker! So jump on that!! Don’t be Soulless!

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