The Producers Choice Dope Keyz Review

Greetings Maschine Masters Fam and friends 88kezz here and I’m truly excited to bring you my review of the latest production loopset by the cats over at Producers Choice called Dope Keyz, It’s an ambitious collection of more than 200 live recorded piano loops performed by a classically trained and accomplished pianist that can only be described as addictively melodic and well-crafted so let’s get into it.

When I first laid back and listened to these beautiful played and dynamically recorded loops I couldn’t help but noticed the clarity of the production and sound, the feeling behind the final mix was perfectly constructed and I fully enjoyed what I heard. Played on three different pianos an upright, a grand piano (my favorite) and one that was left a mystery for whatever reason this set works for me and mine.

Being a piano player myself sometimes you hit that wall in the creative process and we all know what that’s like so a little inspiration goes a long, long way and that’s just what this sound pack delivers pure inspiration. Looking for that perfect starter to a hot hip hop or rap anthem it’s here, looking to make a piano based production for a smooth late-night R&b track it’s here also, even an uptempo pop tune can be built around this great collection of soulful piano loops. I truly recommend at least listening and giving it a shot.

Set in wav format in groups of three for easy navigation each performance also has a midi file for those of us who like to experiment with melodies and change up instruments, Bpm and title of song reference is here also which is a plus for quick production and format changes to fit your needs. As usual Producers Choice put a lot of thought into the process of creating just what well-seasoned producers and the beginning producers need to crank out that next hit. Add some bass, hard hitting drums, lace it with some synth and strings put it in the mix and your half way there.

I don’t use loops that often but when I do I want quality over quantity and Dopekeyz gives you both with 330 MB of well-played true urban melodies that will add flavor to any track. I give this offering a well-deserved 4.5 out of 5 and with a price tag of $47.00 dollars I say point click and download this product.

Well until next time keep making good music and keep ya heads up this is 88Kezz signing out peace.

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