S1 Voices 2 Vocal Collection

Waddup Maschine Masters.  D-ski The Illeagle back with another gem for your sampling addiction!

S1 has solidified his reputation as a top tier producer through an emence production background that covers a wide range of genres. His music as well as samples have a sonic presence that even some other respected top level producers lack.
This kit’s sonic quality is testimony to that amazing range. S1 gives producers a lot of audio goodness to play with. Here we have vocal hooks and phrases that sound like they’re accapellas from chart topping singles.

Most of the voices in the vocal collection come in two to three different versions. One original, and one or two with effects such as a filter or a chopped and stuttered version. All these “samples” have a sonic warmth to them that makes them stand out with out adding any extra fx to them.
Although these are vocals, there are many uses for them beside just slapping them over a tight beat and using them as hooks.

If you combine sample chopping and your imagination you can easily make beats built around vocal riffs, or simply use certain parts of the phrases as vocal stabs. When i first opened the kit the first sample that caught my eye for obvious reasons was “Where eagles fly”. I kinda lost it and started to see all the ways I could flip both the filtered and regular versions of this one. I started by chopping them in maschine and building a beat around the melody of the original sample. Then it occurred to me, no matter how much I chop and flip the sample to create the beat this vocal would sound pretty freaking amazing as a hook on the completed beat. That’s the magic of these vocals,  you can do a LOT with  them.

Glen “Grey” Reynolds who you may recognize as the vocalist on Talib Kweli’s single “Push Thru” http://youtu.be/m4S2avleyeM provides us with some amazing unearthly melodies. Coupled with S1’s ear as a producer, these vocals can provide a starting point for beat as well as entire song creation.

Let’s jump into my favorite 3 samples from this kit.
My 1st one is “found that soul part 2” the melody is hypnotic.  The growl in between the sentances is a edgy little addition that gives the overall phrase impact. For some reason I like this one much more than “found that soul part 1”. Maybe it’s that what he’s saying on part 2  is more versatile.

“We’ll v2” reminds me of the S1 produced track POWER. It’s a vocal riff and the only word said here is “well”. The riff has a impact to it. Chop this one up and sprinkle it over some heavy drums and watch the magic begin!

Lastly “where eagles fly” is the best sample/hook in this kit in my opinion.  The melody as well as delivery is purely magic!  Oh yeah there’s also the fact that my rap name is The ILLEAGLE, so it fits me perfect.

S1 did it again, as you’d expect. This kit plus great chopping and heavy beats equals seriously ill production.

Until next time


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