S1 Presents Sphere Loops Collection Review

What up MM? I’ve got something on the menu that will make your mouth water. Grammy award winning producer S1 has just released yet another kit from his production line, The Sphere Loops Collection. As the name suggests this is a collection of loops and we know S1 has a dope ear after releasing the career kit Vol. 1 & Vol. 2, Voices collection, Drum Boutique (with M-Phazes) and the awesome fire and ice combo, which featured in our 2014 top 10 drum kits. So as you can expect, I’m pretty excited to see what we have in store for us.

Loops are not unknown in S1’s kits, but he has never released a kit dedicated to loops. Loops are frequently used in production and S1 has even quoted “All of my beats and songs usually start with loop of some kind whether it’s percussive or a melodic loop”. These babies have been hand picked, programmed and textured by S1 himself. The Sphere Collection includes a total of 32 loops ranging from breaks, percussion, melody and 1 vocal sample. These loops have been designed towards the producer that strives for great sound quality and a strong foundation to build your beat. All of the sounds delivered in the Sphere Loops Collection are 24-bit/44.1kHz .Wav format. All sounds are compatible with most DAWS including Logic Pro, Ableton, Reason, Cubase, Pro Tools etc.

So how do they sound? You can hear that S1 has engineered them, as they are all of high quality. There is a huge mix and wide variety of loops. From Percussion, Breaks, Synths, Hats and Pianos. S1 has jam packed this collection with so many different sounds its difficult to know where to start. The loops range from 65bpm to 169bpm, which are clearly labeled making them easy to find. These can be stretched or shrinked to give the desired BPM. Some of the sounds are very unique and distinctive, but surprisingly they are all usable. After listening to the loops already the cogs in my head are starting to rotate and my creative side is starting to kick in.  These loops have been carefully selected from around the world and S1 has done what he set out to do, deliver a collection of sounds that instantly wakes up our creative side.

The loops give us a foundation and we can now build upon it. If you are struggling for ideas, got a producers block, then you will definitely want to consider this collection. Some of my favorites are “Anthem Warrior 128BPM”, “Bouncing Balls 74BPM”, “Everything Synth Loop 97BPM”, “High Riff (No Kick) 140BPM”,  “Kings Throne 65BPM” and “ My Piano Warp 95BPM”.

As with any collection of sounds, some are more usable than others. I never use hat loops and struggle to understand why they are selected for any kit. I’d much prefer an extra break or synth loop, or just stick the single hat sound in the kit. On the other hand some of the loops S1 has pulled together counter this, leaving it with a very healthy balance.

This is a unique collection and one that can give you the kick-start you need when creating a beat. For a limited time only Sphere Loops Collection can be purchased at a very reasonable price of $30 from The Drum Broker. Remember guys this is a kit that S1 himself has pulled together. If you don’t like the full loop, sample a specific sound. This kit has great potential.

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