My Experience buying Studio Monitors

What up MM Fam? Another blog coming your way and something that’s been on my mind recently is studio monitors. This is definitely a topic we have all researched at one point, if not, well you must have went in blind. I’m far from an expert on monitors, but you do have to do some research before you make a critical purchase like this. We all want different things and its about finding what’s right for you.

I have recently upgraded to the Yamaha HS7’s after having the KRK Rokit 8 g2’s. The Rokits were my first purchase and I did a little research. Everyone seemed to be using the Rokits, so at the time I thought these must be the best speakers around. With the benefit of hindsight I know that I didn’t do enough research and I know this kind of contradicts my earlier statement. I made a mistake and it cost me around $100.

I found the Rokits a little bassy when mixing and they didn’t give me a true sound. This led me to investigate alternatives. This time I wasn’t going to make the same mistake. I did some research online and found the Yamaha HS7’s. They had great reviews and what I was reading was what I was looking for. So I went down to my local store to hear them. I didn’t do this for the Rokits, stupid I know.  This was the best thing I could of done and I came back with a pair of HS7’s and I haven’t looked back. They are flatter and more neutral, giving me a truer sound.

Your room size and setup has an influence on what monitors you should purchase. With a small room you would want to go for smaller monitors and in a bigger room you would go for bigger monitors. You will struggle at low frequencies if you have small monitors. However you will loose some of the mids and highs with larger monitors. You can mix and match and potentially add a sub, but this will cost.

It really depends on you and your room. Ultimately if you have the wrong sized speakers you wont be able to mix at an optimum rate. For example if you had a pair of Rokit 10’s in a tiny room you would get a HUGE amount of reflections.


Choosing the right monitor is only the start. You also have to position them correctly. I suppose the first rule is having an equilateral triangle between your 2 speakers and you. I have also heard that you should have rear ported speakers around about a foot away from the wall and you should have your speakers pointing down the long wall in your room, so that any reflections have further to travel. I’m not sure how much difference this makes, but it does make sense. You should also have your tweeters at ear level.

Ideally you want to be looking to treat your room. This will dampen any reflections, which will help you create a better mix. There are plenty of options out there, it’s about what’s best for you. Speaker stands or foam pads will also help. These will dampen any vibrations that travel through your desk.

We could keep going and I’ve only brushed the surface. In a nutshell, you need to find what works best for you. Don’t go and buy the best speakers in the world and not treat your room. That doesn’t make sense. You will be doing more harm than good. The best bit of advice I can give is do your research and when you think your ready go down to the store to test them out. Once you have made a decision you are happy with, stick with it.

Well I hoped this helped some of you guys out. Be sure to catch me at @UKAntSmith


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