Maschine Masters, its Daysun Civil with a new review. Before I begin, let me know if this has ever happened to you? You are listening to this dope song and you’re dying to sample it. The groove is dope and the vibe is tight but you can’t separate the drums and percussion from the music. In other words, there are no open breaks. Isn’t that a pain? How would you feel if I said there may be a solution? MSXII Sound Design has decided to address this issue with their latest offering. MSXII-DRMS x CNGS, which stands for Drums and Congas, may provide a practical solution. Let’s see!

First, let’s look at the contents of this sample drum-kit. MSXII-DRMS x CNGS contains five folders. All of them are labeled based upon the bpm of the samples contained in the folders. The samples in the folders in 80bpm, 100bpm, 100bpm swing, 115bpm and 140bpm. Totally, MSXII-DRMS x CNGS is comprised of 65 drum and conga samples. To some, this may not be considered a large kit.  Let’s use one of the folders as an examples. The first folder is labeled 80bpm and it contains 9 samples of drum and conga sounds. The drums and conga patterns are not separately stemmed.

As far as sound quality goes, MSXII-DRMS x CNGS has a vintage sound. MSXII Sound Design made an effort to put that early to mid-1970s stamp on this kit. The sound textures of the drumbreaks and conga drums are reminiscent of the same soft snare tops and conga drums you would hear on your favorites songs from artists like James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Carlos Santana, W.A.R, Curtis Mayfield and Al Green, to name a few. MSXII-DRMS x CNGS provides that funk, soul and rock & roll backdrop that many of us need when we are crafting the drum patterns of our R&B, Pop, Trap and Hip-Hop productions. MSXII-DRMS x CNGS is not a kit that limits you to one genre of music production like other kits.

I really like this kit. This is a choppers gem. On the other hand, when listening to this kit I am not sure how new sample based producers are going to be able to utilize all of its nuances to the best of their ability. As I stated early, the sound quality is vintage and the 70s feel is a plus. Personally, I would chop up pieces of the breaks to make single hits that would add subtle accents to my productions such as a snare roll or conga hit. I wish the kit provided the stems for each instrument. Anyway, it’s a good kit to experiment with and develop something new.

To sum this up, MSXII-DRMS x CNGS is great for those needing vintage drums with conga patterns? Need to spice up you productions? Look no further! MSXII-DRMS x CNGS is here. Head over to the Drum Broker  and purchase MSXII-DRMS x CNGS for $19.99.


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