MSXII Audio – Sammich Kit 5

What’s good MM, back with another review. MSXII Audio blesses us with The Sammich Kit 5! MSXII has dominated the sample game creating multiple volumes of live breaks, original soul samples, vintage keyboard samples and the Sammich kits! The Sammich kits are known for something every hip-hop and urban producer covets: heavy, smacking, punchy drums! Getting the perfect knock out of a drum sample kit is a task not to be taken lightly. MSXII handles it with the masterful tact of audio ninjas!


With such a sea of diverse drum kits existing, the name of the game when creating extraordinary samples is diversity. In order to create standout kicks and snares extra layers and effect seemed to have been used.  As with all of the drum kits MSXII has released, these sounds each have distinct character. The K9 Kick and Chordile Kick are perfect examples of this. The K9 Kick has a “WOOF” layered into it, which reminds me of the dog growl kick Trackboyz used on J Kwon’s Hood Hop. The Chordile Kick has a chord hit layered under it, making it sound as if it was sampled from a song.


When MSXII create their samples they keep beat makers in mind. By adding ambiences layered into each sound it gives the feel that these meaty drum sounds were pulled straight from vinyl. The kit contains 52 originally crafted sounds; a mini-kit that packs a hell of a punch. These sounds rank very high in quality and usability. Also, enough has been done to the sounds to make them pop/ knock so no extra layering is needed.


In addition to all the great drums in this kit we also get three bass riff samples along with all the the traditional aspects of previous Sammich kits. This is a welcomed change. I’d however hope if any instruments are added in future kits we’d get a slight bit more. The bass samples are well rounded and nicely saturated. These sub basses are heavy!


The hi-hats are versatile and alternate between single hits to flams, double hits and some loops. They’re crispy with a bit of lo-fi dirt to them. The “Odd Percussion Stuff [Chop This]” folder contains some really dope loops and oddities created in the vein of previous drum loop and percussion kits by MSXII. The difference is these perks are very odd and VERY usable! I love these. Mega producer Timbaland comes to mind. It’s as if these were pulled straight from his secret stash!


Over all, MSXII has again crafted another kit that’s a must have to add to your library if you want smacking drums with amazing percussive sounds. So head on over and cop that up asap! Everyone loves a good Sammich! And make sure you stay glued to for all the latest reviews, tips&tricks, blogs, contests, and more!


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