Mixing EDM by Matt Weiss Review

What’s up everyone? Well Known Tone here with a very different product review for you guys. Normally I have the inside scoop on all the latest sound kits, but this time around I have had the honorable pleasure of checking out a product that is just as essential as all of the sound kits you are used to seeing me review.

We all know that mixing your sounds after you have sequenced and structured your song is key to obtaining acceptable quality. Achieving a great mix can bring a whole new element to your track. What a lot of folks do not understand is that mixing for each genre has its differences and similarities.

I quickly learned so when I veered away from my hip hop sound and ventured into the EDM genre. Although I had no trouble creating EDM music, I was a little confused on how to mix the new array of sounds I was using. Luckily I stumbled upon Matt Weiss’s “Mixing EDM” video tutorial modules.

I had great success with understanding mixing when I checked out some of his other mixing tutorials for Mixing Hip Hop and Mixing with Compression.

Mixing EDM is a series of video modules broken up into two separate categories. The first being a series of walkthrough videos where Matt basically walk you through the basic of mixing key aspects of EDM track. He covers pitch correction, mixing the kick drum and bass as well as mixing different sections of the song like the drop and the transitions. An inexperienced producer would never think that different parts of your track need certain attention when it comes to mixing. In these videos Matt explains in vivid detail of why this is so important if you are looking to add some dynamics to your track.

The second series of videos go into an in-depth workshop where you will be able to follow along with Matt as he mixes a track from start to finish. He guides you through the different methods and techniques that he walks through in the first series, giving a play by play on how different processes could alter your sound with tremendous results.

Each video in the package is labeled accordingly making very easy to go back and refresh. Matt thoroughly explains the methods he performs in a clear well annunciated fashion. He keeps the pace of this mini course at an intermediate, border line advanced level but I still feel a beginner could easily catch on. The experience was very personal as it felt like Matt was in my studio with me instructing. I had no sense of intimidation while following along. I did not feel left out with his choice of terminology, and if there was something I did not understand, Matt did a great job explaining and supporting his thesis shortly after.

Overall the experience was delightful and informative. Very organized and easy to follow along. I certainly walked away with a new bag of tricks. The source material he used in his videos was very appropriate, as the track contained mostly all of the elements you would find in a typical EDM tune making it easier from him to cover EVERYTHING.

I would recommend this to an intermediate to advanced producer that is looking to establish a foundation when it comes to mixing an EDM track. There are definitely some techniques in here that can be crossed over to other genres. After enduring the four hour video course and applying what I learned, I can absolutely say that there has been a big difference in my mix.

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