!LLMIND All Analog Percs Review

What’s good Maschine Masters….back with another heater from the blap master himself, !llmind!

I don’t care what time of the year it is, when !llmind drops a new kit it ALWAYS feels like Christmas!
This kit contains 179 analog percussion sounds which have been tweaked by !llmind to have a gritty dirty feel to them. Instruments contained are congas, toms, sticks, blips, bleeps, etc.  None of the sounds are overpowering, but instead leave room within in the frequency spectrum for creating a balance.

!llmind knows one of the secrets of making great beats are the textures used. That is what these sounds are about, adding texture. If you listen to the DEMO you can hear that the bleeps, clicks and pops, etc., have a certain way of filling the space between the kick, snare and high hats.
Several of these sounds are pitched percussion and can be used by spreading them across the keyboard played as chromatic

I recently did a review for !llmind’s previous kit Special Limited Edition: Analog Sweeps & Transitions, which compliments this kit as both are sounds that add those finishing touches to beats. This kit provides you with all the various percussive one-shot drums you need for adding extra movement to tracks. !llmind has included clicks, analog pops, bleeps, congas, toms, etc..

Several of the sounds come in various versions of themselves. Some regular dry one shots…as well as other more tweaked effected versions of the same sounds. Doing this provided more variety.

My top 5 stand out sounds in this kit are:
PERC_060 add some delay, adjust the volume and this can be used as a lead synth bleep instrument.
PERC_051 reminds me of a Wu-Tang sword clashing sound.
PERC_087 a tweaked out bleep layered with a sparkly sound effect.
PERC_153 somewhere between a cowbell and a bleep hit. this one has a slight metallic feel to it.
PERC_158 a talking bleep. Sounds like a sound off a alien space ship.

Its important to know that not only do these percussive sounds have many uses, they also go really with the note repeat function in many DAWs. As with every kit !llmind blesses us with, this kit includes versatility, grit and highly usable sounds. If your an avid !llmind drum kit user this will make a great addition to your collection. I’m sure its just a matter of time before we hear these sounds popping up in tracks by your favorite producers favorite producer. So head over to Blapkits.com cop this kit and add these unique percussive sounds to your beats today!
Until next time, Peace.

D-ski The Illeagle


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