First Look: Akai MPC Renaissance Studio 1.8 Software Update (Lazy Chop Tutorial)

In this MPC Renaissance Studio first look video DJ Hellfire gives us a quick tutorial of the lazy chop addition. One of the many new features in the Akai software 1.8 update. Some other features include non-destructive chopping, chord progression, qlink touch to focus, program preview, pad copy, live looper and more. For more tips, tricks and tutorials join us at

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Sample Edit:
1. Pads light in trim
2. Shift F Keys and Sub screens (nipples)
3. Zoom from F keys
4. Data wheel works at zoom level
5. NDC To Program & NDC to Pad (Slices are saved into the sample)
6. Manual Chop / Realtime Slice
7. Tap qlinks to change focus in sample edit
8. Program in Sample edit
9. Bar and Beats in Sample Edit
10 . Maschine Style Pad copy chop.
11. Clear slices function
12. BPM calculate in Time Stretch
13. BPM calculate in Tune
14. Cue, Cue playhead
15. Scrub in Sample Edit
Sample Record:
16. Sampling with insert FX (Q FX)
17. Sample in Mono or Stereo
18. New Looper
19. Sample record assign to program
Program Edit / Keygroup Edit:
20. Layer Shift / Offset
Sample/slice start and end adjust
22. Chords and Scales
23. Seq edit from Software
24. Window+Sequence new “Double” & “Cut Half” option
25. Step seq pad choice
26. Vintage Mode FX on inserts
27. Project Preview

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