Cardiak Presents – The Minor Scales Kit Vol. 3

Peace Maschine Masters! It’s Daysun Civil and I’m back like I never left. This time, Cardiak is presenting his latest addition to the Minor Scales series. Minor Scales Vol. 3 is his latest Piano and electric keys project providing a plethora of ideas and material for sample based producers, composers and arrangers in need of that jolt to eliminate beat block or get in the mode to create that next hit. Need inspiration, then, Minor Scales Vol. 3 is just what the Cardiak has ordered.

Minor Scales Vol. 3 provides producers with a sketchpad of material to create songs. Inside this sample kit contains three folders of material: The Bonus Rhodes, Keys and Midi Files folders. Upon first listen, I am truly delighted because the sound quality of the entire set is amazing. Also, the file layout is simple making it easy to grab sample or midi files.

Minor Scales Vol. 3’s first folder is labeled “Bonus Rhodes”. This folder is filled with 5 snippets of Rhodes wav files in the keys of Bmin, D#maj, Fmin, and Gmaj. You will enjoy these sounds. The first sample snippet sounds like it was influenced by Bob James’ Theme Song “Angela” from the television show Taxi. The other snippets are dope too. I guarantee you will be inspired. Also, there is an additional folder entitled Midi Files. All you need to do is switch the sounds and change the midi data. Abracadabra, you have a dope new song. It’s easier to see than explain.

The second folder labeled “Keys” contains 21 snippets of Piano sampled grooves. The samples range from classical to R&B to Pop to Hip-hop. The emotions of the arrangements vary from sad, happy, introspective and engaging. Cardiak’s Piano player is amazing.  The textures, resonance, effects and reverb of the piano compositions provide a great soundscape for producers. Especially, if you need to pull emotion out of an artist or convey emotion to the listener. I must say… Great work! I really like the layout of the piano samples because you are given the BPM and Key of the song.

Lastly, the third folder of Minor Scales Vol. 3 is labeled “Midi Files” and contains 21 midi files generated from the 21 Piano snippets located in the “Keys” folder. This is great if you are an in demand producers and need quick ideas. As stated earlier, this is a great way to get over beat block or create songs fast. The midi files provide a great resource for generating new song ideas. You have the ability to create something fresh and new.

Minor Scales Vol. 3 is a great addition to Cardiak’s catalog and will be a great resource in your sample library. It’s perfect for sampling quality Pianos and Rhodes sounds. Minor Scales Vol. 3 is great for experimenting or trying to make new songs. If you need phenomenal Piano and Rhodes sounds, head over to the Drum Broker and purchase Minor Scales Vol. 3 for $24.99.



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