Stix Jam Pack – Guitar Edition Review

What’s up my people? This is Daysun Civil of Maschine Masters to review another drum kit. The focus of this review is centered on the guitar, an instrument known for creating rhythm and emotion. The Guitar baby! Your favorite rock, soul, r&b, neo-soul and gospel records would have no life without it.  Stix of Stix Jam Packs considered this when creating his latest edition to the Stix Jam Pack Series; Stix Jam Pack – Guitar Edition – Licks, Riffs, and Chords played by Greg Landfair Sr. Do you need a little guitar in your life?


First off, Greg Landfair Sr. is a professional guitarists who has played for artists such as R. Kelly, Twista, and countless gospel artist. His son, Stix (Greg Landfair Jr.) is a professional drummer for Chance the Rapper and creator of the Stix Jam Pack Series. Stix Jam Pack – Guitar Edition – Licks, Riffs, and Chords played by Greg Landfair Sr. gives us a total of 166 guitar .wav files with many different chords, slides, riffs, wah-wahs and licks to chop and manipulate. Of those 166 samples, there are actually 83 recorded samples recorded with the SM57 mic (sounds dirty) or the DI (Direct input) (sounds cleaner). Each file is labeled as Tom Anderson with the associated recording source in the naming convention. Here is an example: Tom Anderson DI-_02-05 or Tom Anderson sm57-_02-05.


I love the sound quality of the kit because there is a vintage feel on the recordings. You can hear a little hiss and feedback from the amps. This gives it level of authenticity and quality for sampling. Stix made sure it sounds as if he lifted the guitar sounds off some vintage records. The chords, licks and slides on Stix Jam Pack – Guitar Edition – Licks, Riffs, and Chords played by Greg Landfair Sr. are perfect if you want that soul in your tracks. While some of the files have effected guitar licks, they are very tastefully and subtley effected. The rest are left dry or close to it. This is terrific as it really allows you to experiment with your own effects as if you had a session guitarist in the studio with you. Just dial in an effect chain that you like or that suits your track, and browse through the files in this pack until you find that “magic moment”. Then slice, dice and chop whatever you like, or just drop the entire file into the mix!


Organizationally, there are a few things I would have done differently. First, I would have separated the files into two different folders labeled Direct in and SM57. Mainly, because the guitar licks, riffs, chords and slides have these identifiers in the naming convention. Then, I would have separated the files by type. The chords, slides, licks and riffs could have had their own respective folders. In addition, I would have listed the bpm of each wav files. That is unless the guitar sample was a freestyled lick, wah-wah or slide. Even still, these are minor nuances dealing with organizational techniques. End the end of the day, you are getting some great guitar files to work with to further your creative endeavors.


Overall, this is a great kit for producers who do not play guitar, have a guitar player or a guitar virtual instrument at our disposal. A real guitar player is behind this kit. The Stix Jam Pack – Guitar Edition – Licks, Riffs, and Chords played by Greg Landfair Sr has a vast array of samples to help you generate new song ideas. SO, if you need some guitar loops or samples for your productions, head over to The Drum Broker  and purchase this for $29.99.


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