NorthSoundKits Boom Bap V2


  1. a hip hop subgenre
  2. an onomatopoeia for the drum sounds prominent in boom bap. It is usually recognized by an acoustic drum loop/break and a chopped up sample style that became widely used in the early 90’s as opposed to the old school type synth beats. The term was popularized by the album Return of the Boom Bap by KRS-One”


Ok enough for the history lesson, VolcanoBeats back at you with more dope sounds. On the chopping block for today; NorthSoundKit’s Boom Bap V2. This is the second release in the series and I’m here to tell you, it does not disappoint. All of the sounds are in 24 bit/44khz .wav format and they will work in any DAW or hardware sampler/drum machines that accepts .wav. And with over 100 sounds for $25? I’m definitely all for it.


Now, as for the quality of the sounds? They are just that, quality. The snares crack and the kicks thump. Everything you would expect from a kit titled as such. All sounds were recorded through the outputs of the famed MPC(Renaissance) to give the sounds that added grit and pop. It took me about 10 minutes to make a few kits inside of Maschine. Out of all the available sounds, I made about 5 strong kits (5×16) which yielded 80 sounds that appealed to me on first listen. That’s a terrific ratio considering the alternatives on the market nowadays, especially when it comes to bigger kits like this one. I mean you’d be lucky to get half as many usable sounds with most kits, so that’s a definite plus.  Also this kit was a little different because it didn’t have separate folders for each sound type(Kicks/Snares/Hats), making it a breeze to preview the sounds in my browser and easily get to work. Some users may not like having all sounds in a single folder, but some quick folder creation and drag and drop will kill all of that noise.Personally, I prefer all the sounds being in one folder.


This is a boom bap kit so there are really only three sound types: Kicks, Snares and Hi Hats. No Pots -n- Pans, Space Efx or Cabasas. Just the essentials to make that head nod inducing music we all love so much. The sounds are mostly dry so they are a nice starting point. I love that. I hate when sounds have so many effects that it makes it hard to add anything. These are perfect for layering over a dope break or your favorite chopped sample. But these aren’t just for sample-heads such as myself. They are actually just great all around Drum sounds; Period. And they can be used in any type of hip hop, urban or electronic music production. When so many sound designers are looking to make futuristic sounding kits, it’s nice to find a gem like this one that’s an ode to the “golden era”. So go cop this kit if you need those raw sounds; I guarantee you won’t regret it.


I’m out. Back to work. Peace.


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