MSX AUDIO Rhodes and Vibes 2 Review

Happy New Year to all my producers and Machine Masters compadres! It’s 2015 and time to pick up where we left off. I am Daysun Civil and I have another MSXII Sound Design drum kit to review. We are starting off the 2015 New Year on the right foot! This latest offering is a composition kit showcasing two of my favorite instruments. Well, drums are my favorite then comes the Fender Rhodes and the Vibraharp. Anyway, MSXII Sound Design’s latest kit is entitled: MSXII-Rhodes and Vibes 2. Well, it’s time we tickle your sensory pallet.


Upon opening MSXII-Rhodes and Vibes 2, you will immediately notice 20 snippets of compositions, in .wav format, created by using the Fender Rhodes and the Vibraharp. Each snippet is labeled from “One” to “Twenty”. In addition, there is a folder labeled “Stems” which provides the breakdown for each of the 20 compositions. What am I saying? The “Stems” folder contains separate instrumental snippets of the Rhodes and Vibe arrangements. I happen to like that.


The sound quality of MSXII-Rhodes and Vibes 2 is impeccable. You can tell they took time with this project. I can hear the tine, vibrato, sustain and other effects used to create special harmonics and dynamics in each composition. MSXII-Rhodes and Vibes 2 provides the sound sample based producers and music lovers appreciate. They’ve managed to create that classic feel that causes beat junkies to dig in the crates. A few of my favorite compositions on MSXII-Rhodes and Vibes 2 are Eighteen, Eleven, Four, Nineteen, Sixteen and One. There is so much more you can do with MSXII-Rhodes and Vibes 2.


Understand this… I’m a producer who loves the Fender Rhodes and Vibraharp sounds. It’s a staple in most of my productions. I love that 70s grits, melodic texture, tone and timbre that is associated with these types of instruments. MSXII Sound Design made sure to capture sonics similar to some of the songs we considered sample worthy classics. Those same sounds can be heard on records produced and performed by artists such as Kool and the Gang, Stevie Wonder, Roy Ayers, Bob James, The O’jays and countless others. What I really like about MSXII-Rhodes and Vibes 2 is the ability to hear the panning of instruments on different sides of the speaker or headphones. In some compositions, I can hear the Vibraharp being panned partially to the right while the Fender Rhodes is panned partially to the left. That’s that classic feel.


If you like to sample songs made using the Fender Rhodes and Vibe Instruments, this kit should be in your possession. There is a classic quality in the MSXII-Rhodes and Vibes 2 that is missing from today’s productions. With all of our sub heavy and synth laced beats, this is a welcomed change. Much props goes to MSXII Sound Design.


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