Monosole Tape to Dub Plate Vol4 Review

What’s going on everybody in the Maschine Masters family? Happy New Years to you all! It’s 2015 and we continue to bring you nothing but the latest and hottest kit reviews around. Right now I want to introduce you all to a really dope kit called Tape to Dub Plate Vol.4 by Monosole Music. This kit comes equipped with 107 quality drum fills placed into its own pre-mastered and mastered folders. They are also processed in both 16 and 24 bit wave form. These drum fills range between 80 to 137 BPM and can be chopped or looped inside your DAW to give your drums a nice rhythmic feel. The name of the kit pretty much speaks for itself because all the sounds were mastered through a 7 and 12 inch vinyl dub plate. If you are familiar with the name Timmy Rickard then you’re also familiar with the quality of his work and performance on the drums, in which he showed and proved in this kit.

Moving on to the good stuff, this kit provides you with the best of both worlds. You get to experience the pre mastered and mastered version of each sound in which the pre-mastered version feels raw and uncut as if you’re sitting in the studio with a drummer listening to a live drum session. The mastered version is open, clean sounding and cuts through the mix quite well. When comparing the 16 and 24 bit files, you won’t be able to tell a huge difference unless you’re a mix and mastering engineer. Although this is great sounding kit, you may ask yourself, where are the drums samples (Kicks and Snares)? This is an all-out drum fill kit, you can get very creative and start sample chopping the fill sample into little sections to develop your own drum kit. This method can help keep your drum patterns and fills sounding like an all-natural drum break.

These drum fills can be used to produce most genre of music (Hip-Hop, R&B, Rock and Pop) and they are royalty free. What separates this kit from others on the market is simply the quality of work that was produced to make it sound so acoustically pleasing and because these fills were produced on a 1960’s Round Badge Drum Kit they give you an authentic feel that can make your track feel like you have a live drummer on set. My personal favorites are the fills in the 80-90 bpm range; they are great for change ups in your hip hop production. Just Blaze and Bink (a few of my favorite producers) has been known to dig for these types of drum fill breaks for their production. If you are looking for drum fills and you don’t have time to dig through a hundred records or tired of recycling the same drum break over and over then you might want to check this kit out.

The Monosole Tape to Dub Plate Vol.4 Drum Fills kit cost $24.99 and can be purchased using the link below. You can listen to a sample of this kit on their website to hear the quality for yourself and again this kit is royalty free so you can use these sounds in your production with no license or clearance issues. Don’t forget to visit for more dope reviews and tell your friends, family, artist and producers about us. Thank you for viewing and until next time peace!

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