Minty Drums Presents – The NESYNTH Review

Happy New Year world! D-Nast here with my thoughts and feelings on a dope new installment in the Minty Series from our good friends, The Drum Broker, and Jordan Thorn. For those who don’t know Jordan, he is the mastermind behind As well as the heavy hitting Minty drums series available at The Drum Broker. NESYNTH is a collection of Soundfonts (SF2) sourced from a Ricoh 2A03, the infamous 8 bit sound chip that was used in the original Nintendo Entertainment system. This kit includes 4 Triangle Pulse waves,  a set of vocal and sound fx’s, a set of drums from a PCM cartridge, as well as 24 rises and falls in assorted lengths. So throw on your Reebok Pumps and get ready for this blast from the past, lets see what NESYNTH is all about!

Before I hop in I would like to remind the readers that These Are SF2 files and WILL require a sampler such as KONTAKT or EXS24. Make Sure you Have a sampler that is compatible with SF2 before Purchase.

After Browsing through the sound fonts I have to say this Kit is true childhood bliss. Each pulse included sounds extremely authentic and,quickly had me goggling the chord progressions to my favorite NES Hits. The rises And falls provide the Buyer with perfect retro FX to help their productions with the transitions. The drums That are included are also Dope! The 8 bit Sound is super filthy and make perfect accents for a dirty boom bap style break, yet are not limited to just that. The Crunch in these drums could work their way into a number of genres including EDM and even maybe some hardcore Metal. Making them extremely useful and versatile.

My personal Favorite Sound font on NESYTNH would be Vocal And Sound FX included. The Vocal Samples included offer the perfect elements to spice up a track and give it an abstract feel. One personal favorite sample is this one Super Sinister Laugh. This Laugh sounds really creepy and is perfect for a quick break, in a fast paced beat, setting a really dark tone. This kit also comes with some Punching sound FX that could be used for some 8 bit style scratch samples. This particular sound font also comes with some Beeps and blips that sound like some modular goodness from the Original Mega Man. With a  a little re-sampling and  FX these Bleeps can be turned into some really cool Transitions, the possibilities are really endless.

All and all I Would say NESYNTH is a Gem. With the ability to fit into a multitude of genres, there is a lot of ways this bad boy can be flipped. The other Selling point in my opinion, is how this kit offers all the elements need to make a complete song from scratch, as well as offering a Retro Flair to existing projects. With the super low price of $24.99 this should be a no brainier to any producer that has that gamer in his/her heart. So make sure you head to The Drum Broker today to pick up your copy of NESYNTH, it’s not everyday you have the ability to incorporate authentic NES sounds with the availability to fully customize to taste. Until next time y’all its D-Nast, be safe, and keep the hits coming!


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