Maschine Mikro – is it good enough?

Maschine Mikro – is it good enough?

What’s going on y’all Happy New Years!!!! . It’s the Maschine Gang General E52 and my focus here today on this piece is the Mikro. Once again… It’s not the car it’s the driver. MY biggest gripe with the Mikro would have to be the one knob action. The Mikro only has one knob and it is responsible for every function.

My first introduction to Maschine was with the Mikro so I had no reservations about the one knob… It just felt right as far as I was concerned. I was able to do everything I’d normally do on any MPC without missing a step. The Mikro reminded me of my beloved Alesis HR-16 and that’s what made me fall in love with it by my second day of using it. In fact, I was set to return the unit back to guitar center that very day until I sat with it for about an hour or so. I think it took a total of 3 hours over the course of 2 days for me to completely swear off MPC’s LOL… #FACTS

Once I was bitten by the Maschine bug I learned the software and the Mikro inside out. I took it everywhere I went, something I used to do with the MPC 500, but the capabilities were on a much larger scale now due to the software running on my Mac book pro. It was like an MPC on steroids!!

I used to be one of those haters repeating the MPC mantra “you not a real producer unless you using a MPC”. Producer Stoni was the 1st person to introduce me to the software game when she worked at Propellerhead and taught me Reason. I still wasn’t fully converted because I was still using my MPC to control Reason. After she left Propellerhead she went to Native Instruments and told me about a new machine called Maschine, but when I asked can I use it with my MPC she said no, the Maschine replaces the MPC.

That was pure blasphemy! I thought us old die hards would never stop using hardware. I remember when Buck Wild converted fully to Reason…me and Lord Finesse was like “he’s buggin”, but shortly after that we all started going the software route… Finesse with the MPC REN and me with Maschine. Nowadays I can’t even stand to look at any hardware, but I am 100% grateful that I started on the classic machines with all the knobs, inputs and buttons.

Which brings me back to my main topic… The Mikro. With only one knob it still can rock with it’s big bothers… MK1 and 2 and the Studio. So if you’ve been thinking about getting a Mikro I’d say go ahead and pull the trigger on it. You won’t be disappointed.

In a perfect world I’d like the MK2 with the studios screens, USB storage and a line-in, but that’s just my imagination LOL. I wish you all much success this year… Let’s all make an effort to take our production to the next level. Until next time, stay tuned and stay BANGIN’ Peace!

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