Marco Polo Pad Thai Contest

Producers please DON’T SLEEP on my beat making contest. Enter now!
Marco Polo holiday beat making contest for purchasers of Pad Thai!


1) All entries must own “Pad Thai” Vol.1 Your order # grants you entry. (You receive the order# when you buy it). Please do not enter if you don’t own Pad Thai. If you don’t own it, no problem, head over to and cop it!

2) Make a beat using any sounds from my drum kit. Of course you can use your own loops, samples, whatever you want just make sure something from Pad Thai is used to construct the beat. I’d prefer it to be obvious but even one sound is fine.

3) Email your best beat to (only 1 beat please.) make sure you include your Pad Thai order # and all your info. The deadline for submissions is Monday January 11th, 2015. I will pick the winner (the beat I think is the best) on Friday, January 16th 2015.

The winner receives the following:

1) Any drums & bass sounds from 2 of my productions not included in “Pad Thai” Vol. 1. Just tell me the name of the songs and the drums & bass sounds are yours.

2) I will personally email/submit the winning beat to any rapper you want and let them know you got a banger (within reason of course…y’all know who I work with so please don’t ask for Jay Z or Nas or Kendrick hahaha.)

3) 1 free digital download of any of any album in my catalog.

4) 30 minutes with me in the studio via skype, phone or messenger (not in person, sorry Mischa don’t like guests). You can play me beats and get feedback or ask any production questions you want while I smoke Newports. If you make hot shit I’m happy to help you get your beats to some MC’s. Rappers always need beats.
Sound good?

Let the beat making begin and if you have any questions, please ask them in the comments. Happy Holidays everyone!


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