International Breaks 606 – “Rare Breaks From Around The Globe” Review

What’s up MM Heads!  It’s your dude BROADWAY here to review a new release from the good folks at The Drum Broker. The name of the kit is “International Breaks 606 – Rare Breaks From Around The Globe”, the 6th installment in the series, and the name tells you just about everything you need to about this immerse and vintage kit of drum breaks.

The kit includes a whopping collection of 101 break samples in .Wav format. First of all; that is a lot! Considering most break kits we get our hands on now-a-days, typically we are lucky to get 25 to 30 breaks in one kit. Also consider that these breaks, because of the nature of the kits theme, are actually pretty damn rare. I pride myself on knowing many things (lol), one of those things being well-known breaks. I can honestly say that I couldn’t spot most of these breaks when I listened to them. The “RARE” claim in the kits title holds seriously true here. These are some well-dug, rare breaks from all over the globe.

The other dope part about the kit is the “INTERNATIONAL” bit.  A lot of these kits are very ethnic feeling in nature. While most of them are very unique feeling in nature, they all tend to possess very distinct patterns, grooves and sonic qualities not often found an your average Breaks. This is by far the widest range of variety in a breaks kit that I’ve ever heard. As a producer, you probably realize this can be a huge plus when it comes to being diverse and creative while crafting your own musical compositions.

The breaks themselves have been dug from sources in Russia, China, Thailand, India, Korea, Japan, all the way to Bulgaria, Turkey, France, Holland, Italy, Poland and Brazil.  The international feel of the individual breaks in this kit are very distinguishable from say a “regular” break kit sourced from U.S. material. The choice of percussion and kits are very “euro” in many cases, which is a GREAT thing in my opinion.  Adding diversity to your drum library, in a world of a overly saturated by our typical drum sound pool, is such a great habit to get in to.  With that in mind, think about this; there are 101 of these breaks; all pretty much diverse and “new” to most ears. This gives the user an abundance of choices when choosing a rare break to lace your drum tracks with.

If I had to nitpick and think of one negative, I’d say it’s something that can be said about MOST break kits; the part about them being non-royalty free.  In a world of licensing and trying to get paid, I’m a huge fan of things I don’t have to clear…especially samples. Unfortunately, I’d probably have to clear 100% of these at some point. But like I said – that goes for most break kits these days.

All in all, this rare gem gets the Broadway “Seal of Approval”, and a big one at that. It’s also a fine addition as the 6th installment of the “International Breaks Series” released by The Drum Broker. So head on over to the site, cop the kit and get busy on adding that rare element to your music!

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Until next time, 100!


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