iLLMIND Analog Sweeps & Transitions (Limited Edition Pack) Review

Waddup MM, it’s ya guy D-ski the Illeagle back with another review fresh for the new year.

What could one say of !llmind as a person to show the level of creativity he functions regularly at?
As one of the most progressive/ prolific producers and sound designers of our time, the blap master has carved out his lane in the production world as well as the sound kit game. Anytime !llmind drops new sounds we’re in for a audio treat! The same is true for this kit (which I hope you got your hands on as its a limited edition kit).

The Analog Sweeps & Transitions (Limited Edition Pack) is a kit filled with analog swooshes, sweeps and the like. Perfect for sprinkling on beats for a finished touch to create stand out musical compositions.The kit contains 71 sweeps, swooshes, risers and transition fx, all crafted by !llmind. These are perfect for adding that finishing touch to beats, but could also be used in creating cinematic soundscapes!

The sweeps and transitions range from wonderful and weird to science fiction and metallic. They are each unique as their often hilarious names. (SWEEPER_TITTYTITS). These sweeps and transition fx when placed over a beat in the right spot create a effect that takes you from one section of the song to another. Another thing thats interesting about these sweeps is that some have melodies while others are just metallic whooshes or synth fx.

Some of theses sweep fx have long tails (SWEEPER_XFAMES, SWEEPER_XGAME, SWEEPER_XLAMES, SWEEPER_XSEXGAMES) and continue playback longer than the others.
Other sweeps are highly melodic (SWEEPER_CATERPILL for example). The versatility of these sweeps and their uses is great. !llmind again displays a keen ear for solid detail.

These sweeps remind me of the 1960’s Dr Who theme song with its multiple sweeps, transition and woosh sounds. I don’t want it just be thought that these whooshes are for sci-fi sounding music. They have a a wide variety of uses. I should however be noted that !llmind’s ear for authenticity is impeccable!

My favorite 10 sounds in this kit are:

SWEEPER_BANKEY (very reminiscent of Dilla)

This kit though a limited edition kit (if you didn’t get it yet it may be sold out soon) is a great buy for anyone looking to add that extra finishing touch to their beats. Great for creating transitions from one part of the song to another.  My hat is off to !llmind for another useful kit…..fresh for 2015!

No aliens were harmed in the creation of these spacy, sci-fi sweeps and transitions!


D-ski The Illeagle


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