Drum Broker presents “Essential Bass” Review

Yo! What’s good MM? VolcanoBeats back at you outta the cut once more and I’m all about that bass. Nah, I’m not quoting Ms.Trainor, I’m talking about that bass! That element of hip hop music that speaks to the soul. And what’s hip hop without soul? For this purpose I have an essential sound library for you, straight from the good folks over at the Drum Broker. Essential Bass. Part three of their Essentials Series (Essential Kicks and Essential Snares). Nothing but bass one shots that can be dropped in your sampler of choice and spread across your keyboard or pads.

There are 24 bass sounds total and all are in 16bit/44.1 khz wav format. So hardware heads such as myself can use them in our MPC’s, ASR’s, etc. As well as across the board compatibility with just about any soft sampler and/or DAW on the market. All of the sounds are totally different too so that’s a big plus. Some are synth bass sounds and others seem to be actual electric bass samples complete with string noise and slide efx. My favorite out of the bunch is the Dilla Chopped Bass. Though not labeled in the key, a little ear training and spectrum analysis tells me that they are all in the key of C. That would be my only gripe but hey, what are those two things on the side of your head for anyway? For this kit I called on the super sampler, NI’s Kontakt 5, and made a few simple one voice polyphony patches with the one shots. I only stretched two octaves with the root note of C2, anymore sounded kind of weird to me. With this I got great results. These things really cut through too, didn’t need much processing. Just drag, drop and you’re in business.

I was already a fan of the Essentials Series having copped the other two, and this is a great addition. What makes it even more appealing is the a price tag of only $9.99. Or you can buy all three for around the price of a good pizza. But unlike chomping on your favorite pie, you’ll love that feeling in your chest afterward. So get your bottom right, head on over to the Drum Broker and cop that Essential Bass. A must have for any producer in need of that strong, snappy, groovy, BASS! Well those are my two cents, now back to work. Peace.


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