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What’s up MM. Hope you been banging them beats out over the holidays and I’ve got something that may just help you along your way. Especially if your wanting that raw, street vibe. Super producer Havoc has unleashed another Kit called Blood Money, which features the drums from the successful Mobb Deep album, Blood Money. I loved the album so I’m excited to get my teeth stuck into this.


Havoc has released the sounds he used to create the following tracks. I am sure you will agree it’s a tasty list:


  • Click, Click Ft. Tony Yayo
  • Creep Ft. 50 Cent
  • Smoke It
  • Speaking So Freely
  • Stole Something Ft. Lloyd Banks
  • Prodigy – Get Trapped
  • Lloyd Banks – Born Alone Die Alone
  • Diddy – The Future


All in all Havoc has loaded us with 55 Drum Samples, which all come in .WAV format and are compatible with all DAW’s including Ableton, Logic Pro, Reason, Logic, Cubase, FL Studio and more. Blood Money also comes with the instrumentals, which can help with the recreation of these high profile beats.


By now, we all know how Havoc likes to organize his kits. Track name, then the sounds. This makes the navigation easy on the MPC or PC, but may be frustrating for the Maschine producers who have to import their sounds. Depending on how organized you are this may be a lengthy process, but it has benefits. There are 10 folders altogether, 8 Track Kits, 1 Instrumental and a juicy looking Random kits.


All the Track Kits are labeled with respect to the track name. All of these folders include the sounds that Havoc himself used to create the above track list. In total the folders include 4 Bass, 4 Cymbals, 11 Hats, 14 Kicks, 6 Percussion and 8 Snares. The Random Kit is loaded with 4 Cymbals, 3 Drum Loops, 11 Hats, 14 Kicks, 9 Snares, and 11 Percussion sounds.


There are a wide variety of Cymbals and Hats available. The Hats and Cymbals have a light, shuttle sound to them, which could blend into any track.  The Bass sounds are single notes, which are deep and clear. 2 of the Bass sounds are deeper than the other 2, which gives an element of flexibility. The Percussion is crisp and would give a shine to any track.


Now for the main event. The main reason I personally love Havoc Kits and that’s the Drums. Havoc has a very good ear when it comes to drums and he doesn’t disappoint this time. The drums are hard hitting, clear and they all sound great. There is a wide variety of drum sounds. Some are harder hitting than others and some crispier than others. The Kicks deliver a beautiful thud and the Snares deliver a tasty crunch.


All in all, the Blood Money kit is decent and every sound is clear, but slightly lacks a cutting edge when it comes to the Percussion, Cymbals and Hats, but the dope drums that Havoc is Notorious for balance this. Blood Money can be grabbed at a very reasonable price of $14.99 from DrumBroker. Havoc has produced great beats with the sounds he has provided, so why can’t we!!

That’s all folks. Be sure to catch me at @UKAntSmith



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