MSXII Synth Immaculate 4 Review

Alright Machine Masters, it’s Daysun Civil! This time, our good friends @ MSXII Sound Design have another treat for the synth heads. Synth Immaculate 4 is out! I am specifically speaking to the knob twisters, sample tweakers, sound manipulators, sample choppers and lovers of vintage synthesizers. Synth Immaculate 4 is geared specifically for producers who have the love and patients for mapping zones in Maschine, Kontakt, Logic, FL Studio and/or any other software or hardware sampler that has this feature. Well, let’s begin!

Synth Immaculate 4 continues to deliver the same quality found in the last three multi-sampled kits in the Synth Immaculate series. The contents of Synth Immaculate 4 includes 11 folders: 9 folders of vintage synthesizers, 1 folder of effects and 1 bonus folder dedicated to Logic ESX24 Instruments. 10 folders are in .wav format. The contents of the 10 folders of immaculate synths and FX .wav files are Arp Axxes, FX, Korg Delta, Micro Moog, Moog Sub Phatty, Moog The Source, MultiMoog, Oberheim OBX and the Sequential Circuits MAX. Of course, the bonus folder of Logic ESX24 Instruments contains the same types of synth and fx sounds but in the Logic .esx format.

Nine of the folders in Synth Immaculate 4 contains three or more subfolders with different variations of each respective synth sound. For example, the instrument folder entitled Korg Delta has 6 subfolders with 25 .was files. Each .wav files is in the keys of A#, C, D, E, F# and G#. The sounds can be spread through the modes of C1 through C5. All nine folders have the same layout.

When considering sound quality, the synths samples range from low, gritty, rotary (twirling) and filtered to bright and piercing. These synths have the ability to bring life to tracks or become the star of the production. Synth Immaculate 4 contains multi-sampled sounds you have heard used in some of your favorite old science fiction movies, 60s and 70 dance songs, classic funk and progressive rock records. I love the entire kit! My favorites are the Korg Delta, Micro Moog, Moog Sub Phatty and Moog The Source.

Truthfully, this is the first time I have fully understood the power of a multi-sampled kit. Previously, I only sampled the sounds. I have listened to records by Dilla and wondered, where did he get those synth sounds from? I have bought equipment and never got those sounds. Money I truly squandered. Besides, it would cost thousands of dollars to find and purchase these synthesizers. This is the answer to getting those types of synths. Synth Immaculate 4 gives us sounds we love.

With MSXII Sound Design’s Synth Immaculate 4, producers have the ability to sample, map zones and tweak or manipulate them to develop sounds with your specialized character. This is a great kit and I am truly impressed. If you are ready to start mapping your samplers with the best sounds to offer, visit the Drum Broker and purchase this kit for $34.99.

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