Monosole To Dub Plate Mic Breaks Vol. 2 Review

Monosole To Dub Plate Mic Breaks Vol. 2

What up MM. Today I have another tasty review installed for you guys. Monosole Music is releasing another edition in their “tape to dub plate” family called Mic Breaks Vol. 2. It predecessor was “Timmy Rickard tape to dub plate Vol. 1” and be sure to check out the review. I haven’t had the opportunity to review one of Monsoles kits before and I’m excited to see what they have packed into this kit, as I have heard good things about its predecessor. Anyway, lets get into it.

So Mic Breaks Vol. 2 is 2nd in a series of royalty free drum breaks, which are recorded directly to tape. The breaks are then mixed using analogue outboard gear and then they are mastered onto a 12” dub plate. Last, but not least, they are then sampled back off the vinyl. The aim of this is to give the sound and vibe we all crave when digging for breaks. The cleaner pre-mastered files are also provided incase you prefer that sound.

Mic Breaks Vol. 2 is filled with drum breaks. So if you’re into your drum breaks and you use them a lot, this is a kit for you. Mic Breaks Vol. 2 delivers 30 drum breaks in pre vinyl and vinyl master format. This gives you a wide range of flexibility and a lot to play with. Monsole have also broken the 2 folders down into 2 sub folders, 16 bit 44.1kHz and 24bit 96kHz. This adds to the flexibility, so what ever you’re working with, or whatever format you prefer, Monsole have included it.

The way Mic Breaks Vol. 2 is organized makes it easy to navigate. You know exactly what sound your going for, pre vinyl / master vinyl, 16 bit / 24 bit. The drum breaks are also labeled by BPM (82-132bpm), which makes it really easy to choose the right drum break for your beat. If you like a break you can always change the tone, stretch it and chop it up to suit your track.

So how do they sound? All the breaks are crystal clear, which could give the perception of a live band playing right in front of you. I find many breaks lose the presence of the Kicks and Snares. Not in this kit. Monosole have made sure that the Kicks and Snares still deliver a real punch. Mic Breaks brings 30 drum breaks across a wide range of bpm’s. This is one of those kits that wont be collecting dust for a long while.

All in all, Monosole have produced a kit that gives us great flexibility and great sounds. Mic Breaks Vol. 2 is a very decent kit that will bolster your arsenal. I would say that this kit is aimed at the “drum break producer”, but it will give any producer juice to go forward and create dope beats. Be sure to check Mic Breaks Vol. 2 at DrumBroker, and the $24.99 price tag is a very fair price for these royalty free drum breaks.

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