Mode Audio Undercover Found Percussion Review

Season Greetings Maschine Masters fam 88Kezz here been away for a minute but now I’m back to give you my take on a rather interesting sound pack by the name of Undercover Found Percussion Samples produced by a UK based company called Mode Audio mostly known for their modern and futuristic approach to sound and audio engineering with a twist so let’s get under the hood and see what makes this baby tick.

This undercover collection of unique and pure organic percussion samples is just what this pack contains, comprised of everyday household and found items such as buckets, keys, glasses and ice, chairs, scissors, spray cans, lighters, plastic lids, boxes and much, much more.  All superbly recorded mixed and processed to give layers and essence leading to a perfect blend, creating sonic twists of snare’s, kicks, hi hats, tom toms, shakers and the list goes on.

There are 9 folders here containing 230 samples in all each labeled for use and ease of navigation a plus in my book. Speed and ease of flow that’s how I get down. Listening to each folder I found that most of the stems sounded like actual drums buckets transformed into kicks and toms, scissors and wood dubbed as snaps bubble wrap snares and a simple jewel case becomes a shaker truly a chest of twisted sonics done well if I may say so.

But I must add there are sounds that seem out of place here and to be fair also falls short of sounds I myself would actually use but that’s just a matter of production style. This is a really good kit. Music can be made from almost anything is what the gang at Mode Audio boasts and here they’ve proven It can be done Ambient, EDM and Dubstep can really benefit from this collective in more ways than one.

*30 mixed samples (Layard Kicks claps and high hats)
*23 Kicks and thuds (Boxes bubble wrap tubs and more)
*63 metal samples (keys lighters Screws and tongs)
*29 Plastic samples (containers calculators cases and more)
*27 other objects Samples (paper, Velcro zips mugs)
*19 wood samples (sticks woodblocks and more)
*16 Glass Samples
*12 Snap Samples (Scissors and ice)
*11 Lids Samples
*10 Found percussion samples

Comes in Wav format compatible with Reason refill Ableton Live Pack Logic and FL Studio Pack
I give this sound pack a 2 out of 4 stars for the time and effort put into the creation of this innovative journey in sound design Priced at $ 21.83 is a steal.

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