Maschine Masters Presents: Road to Success w/ Foreign Allegiance Ep.5

This episode highlights from BIG KRIT performing What You Know About It produced by Foreign Allegiance, a guest appearance from OMG (Ice Cube’s Son) and how they choose Creativity over Security. Stay tuned for the new beat tape #COS 12.16.14

On this road to getting to where we want to be we have so many different experiences. Some experiences are good and some are more challenging than others. The real challenge is, can you stay focused and creative while everything isn’t going so good? What are you willing to sacrifice to get to where you want to be?

Most people aren’t willing to sacrifice their time (mostly all your time), money (being broke is part of the process), or sometimes even loved ones (everybody won’t understand) to reach their goals. With this particular series we wanted to capture our struggles and what we do to stay sane as producers/entrepreneur’s while on the ROAD TO SUCCESS. Enjoy. -B.Corder of Foreign Allegiance


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