Kingsway Music Library Presents – Baked Goods Vol. 1

Waddup MM, Illeagle here back with another review this time with something new from Kingsway Music. This kit came as a complete surprise to me from one of my favorite sample companies. I’m used to Kingsway creating amazing original music pieces with incredible originality and a vintage feel that’s reminiscent of some serious crate digging.

It should then of course be no surprise that Frank Dukes, the brain child of Kingsway Music would put out such a dope batch of original vintage drum breaks created with the same techniques used to give all the Kingsway Music Library sample packs that straight from vinyl sound. It’s pretty clear that these drums were handled with some TLC.

When previewing these incredible breaks the first thing I noticed is the lo-fi love each of them received. Load any of the 28 breaks up in your sampler and get ready to do some serious chopping.  Each break has the crunch and pop/punch found when sampling straight from vinyl. Each snare pops, each kick hits with just the right thud to have your neck nod to the rhythm.

There is a variety of styles played masterfully here. From Jazz to Funk even some Waltz, Pop and Soul. These breaks are compositions; more than just snippets. The drummer REALLY gave us some! Listening to these I feel like I was allowed into a private drumming session. In fact these breaks sound as if the rest of the music was muted and we were given the drums soloed.

We all know the top players in the original breakbeat game are !llmind and MSXII. Kingsway Music has brought something unique to the table with these breaks that adds him to that list. First off there’s a serious crunchiness to these drums, coupled with the vintage processing these breaks.

One thing I noticed is that the usual practice of giving us stems was avoided. I like it like this because it again feels like we’re sampling from vinyl.  I admit I kind of dig this method of sampling because vinyl doesn’t allow us to get the stems many kits include. Kingsway Music is my go to for samples, and with this kit I get the feeling they will be my go to for break beats as well!

All in all this is a great addition for those who love using authentic vintage sounding drumbreaks. Grab this kit, load it up in your favorite sampler and watch the magic happen.

Shout out to Frank Dukes (@FrankDukes) and the entire Kingsway camp for this one. And as always, head over to the Drum Broker to snatch your copy up today!


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