Erik Jackson Presents Night Moves Review

What up MM? Hope all is well. Today I will be reviewing the new kit from Erik Jackson, called Night Moves. I am a big fan of the Erik Jackson series, so I’m excited that I have the opportunity to review this kit. Each Erik Jackson kit I have heard delivers a unique sound and I’m looking forward to seeing what Night Moves has in store for us.

Erik Jackson takes us back to the 80’s with this mix. This kit is full of analog drums, pads, arps and bass. It’s packed with drum one shots, Arpeggio MIDI files, bass scales, synth scales, drum loops and more. All, but the midi sounds come in .WAV format and are compatible with most DAW’s e.g. Logic Pro X, Ableton, Reason, Fruity Loops, Pro tools etc. All the samples were recorded straight from the drum machine or synth to an AKAI tape machine, which gives it that old skool feel.

Night moves is a well-organized kit. All samples are broken out into their respective folders and then split by their scale. The Ambience, Arps, Bass scales and Synth Scales have been split into 3 different scales Am, Cm and Gm. With the Synth scales also coming in E minor. This makes the kit even more flexible as you can select the scale you want, depending on your beat. Night Moves also provides a drum oneshot folder. That consists of 20 Hats, 23 Kicks and 20 Snares. The whole kit is very easy to navigate through, which should aid your workflow.

The following hardware was used in the production of this kit:

Roland Juno
Prophet 5
Yamaha DX7
Sequential Circuits
Korg MS-20
Roland 707. 303, 606
Roland SH 101
Moog Voyager
EMI Vintage Plate Reverb

Night Moves is filled with high quality sounds. The Ambiance samples are chilled and melodic. The Arps deliver a great vibe and presence. Most of the bass scales have a lot of delay on them, so they may need to be chopped down depending on your style. All are created with a synth and sound great. The drum loops are clean and ready to be chopped up and injected into your tracks. They are all recorded at 90bpm, so you may have to timestretch.

The oneshot hats sound dirty and there is a wide variety to select from, ranging from hats that are sharp and tinny to hats that deliver that shaker presence. In my opinion the kicks are a little average. They don’t deliver enough punch and presence for me. Some of the kicks sound great, but others sound weak. Once again there is a wide variety of kicks. Depending on what type of track you are making, you may or may not need to layer some of these kicks. Some of the snares deliver a real nice sharp and snappy sound, where as others give a sustained and reverb effect.

Erik Jackson definitely provides a lot of opportunities to become creative. Night Moves has an amazing amount to choose from, so you won’t be getting bored anytime soon. I would highly recommend this kit, especially if you use a lot of synths and melodic vibes in your tracks, or if you want to be taken back to the 80’s. No doubt, Night Moves bolsters up your arsenal.

Night Moves is a unique and amazing kit, which will give you plenty of opportunity to become creative. You can pick up your copy of Night Moves from DrumBroker at a great price of $24.99. Night Moves is fully loaded, so MM, don’t miss out, grab yourself a copy and start getting creative.

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