Cookin’ Soul – Jet Life Drum Kit Review

What’s up Maschine Masters and the whole MM community? It’s about to go down!  I’m about share a really dope review with you all. This is very special kit because it was put together by a very talented duo that goes by the name of Cooking Soul. These guys have worked with many famous artists (Currency, Nikki Minaj, The Game and YG) over the past 10 years and helped craft many mixtapes and albums bringing you nothing but classic sounds to your speakers. So strap on your seatbelts and get ready to take flight. This kit is called the Cooking Soul Jet Life Kit. I’m mean really though, this kit has everything you need to build a nice track and get you to take off. Open the Kit and you get (7) 808 Subs, (6) Bass notes and loops, (19) Claps, (15) Crash Cymbals, (33) Drum breaks & stems, (18) Fills & Toms, (25) FX sounds, (44) Closed & Open Hats, (23) Kicks, (5) More sound effects, (35) Percussion Sounds, (26) Snares, (12) Instrument sounds, (6) Trumpet sounds, (5) Vinyl effects and  (21) Voice effects. All Wav samples and can be used in any music software.

While digging through some of the sounds, I come to realize that you can make any type of track with this kit whether it is Hip-hop, Neo Soul, Pop and R&B; it has a very diverse sample selection. The processing of the kicks and the snares are very well mixed and mastered (Not one sound clipped my convertors). The kicks and the snares both complement each other; in my opinion you really don’t have to look outside the kit to put together a nice drum group for your arsenal. The variety of kicks is dope too, sonically hitting you at around 60-160 Hz, Nice powerful low end and some thump in the low mids. The snares and claps of course have some crisp and sharp edges making them easy to slice through the mix. The snares and claps have some nice reverb effects and blended with some nice percussion sounds, they also paired the snares and claps together giving you a powerful dense sound. The cymbals, closed and open hats have the right amount of samples in the folder. It’s hard to find a great combination of open and closed hats to sound natural together but cooking soul worked that out for you. These sounds were made to work together in great harmony. The hats are crisp and have a nice tone to them; the quality is really all there.

The 808 sub bass coming out your speakers will cause turbulence inside your studio (Be sure to turn your monitors down). Very minimal sample selection but it does the job of satisfying the heavy 808 bass lovers. The fills and toms are great for adding some flare to your song arrangements (intro, bridge) and even just to spice up section in your drum loops. Some of the effects samples are just insane, you have champagne bottles popping, pouring, some drops, risers and air planes taking off. It’s a jet life celebration.

If your one of those dedicated sample diggers always looking for vinyl drum breaks the cooking soul has looked you out on that too. They provided some heavy breaks with a great rhythmic feel. Slice and chop away making your own personal groove or just slice and snatch sounds for your own personal drum kit. One of my personal favorites in this kit is the vocals chops; it has some old school chants, possibly sampled from numerous old school artists. The vinyl effects are very dusty and have that organic feel with the small pops in the record. The Trumpet sample loops has that very soulful jazzy vibe, reminds me of the 1990’s era of new jack. The instrument sounds come equipped with some nice hits and chord stab as well.

This sums up the review for the cooking soul jet life kit. I personally give this kit 9 out of 10 for the quality, organization of sounds and the amount of quality sounds in this kit. If you are interested in purchasing this dope kit, check out The Drum Broker. If you want to know more about cooking soul and some of their projects check out their website at Thanks again MM members for dropping through, until next time. PEACE!
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