Cardiak Presents The Clinic Vol 3 Review

Waddup MM fam, back with another review. Cardiak blesses us with another Clinic. The third (and arguably best) installment in the series. As can be expected in this Clinic you best believe your gonna experience some sick sounds that will be the needed medicine to get your beats juiced up and ready to put some ones eardrums into the ER! (see what I did there?)

Before we get started lets talk a little bit about Cardiak. Many new producers often have to find a way to chisel their signature sound to establish themselves among the greats. From the moment Cardi busted on the scene he has pumped out continual hits. With insanely banging drums and brooding dark sounds as well as at times bright pianos and strings. Cardiak sound is as recognizable as his flatline beat signature.

Cardiak has established himself as the master of dark brooding big beats, sometimes alternating and giving us brighter beats with big drums and insane rhythms. From working with everyone from Ryan Leslie, Eminem, Rick Ross, Lloyd Banks etc., (only to name a small few) Cardiak has let it be known he is the go to man when it comes to that knock! (Google Cardiak Flatine and peep the production discography if you’re not familiar).

The Clinic Kits have basically been these amazing smaller kits that pack a LARGE punch in between Cardi doing kits like All Slaughter or Hunger For More kits.

This new kit brings us 81 new drum sounds. All eq’d mixed and mastered to perfection, ready for use as is. There are 22 kicks, 25 snares 6 percussion instruments, 16 hi hats, 7 claps, 3 transition fx, and 2 live hi hat loops.

This kit unlike the previous two Clinic kits is more like the All Slaughter kit, Hunger For More kit or the 1st two Flatline kits. The drums range in versatility from trap to boom bap. The quality of this kit is top shelf! Each kick and snare has its own unique ambiance. Not all the kicks hit as hard leaving room for layering. The kicks that do…..oh boy are they meaty. Same goes for the snares. Cardiak has mastered giving us multiple smaller kits with very useful drums (no filler).

My favorite kicks are the heavier ones (1, 4, 12, 13, 14, 22) the other ones are more or less subtle and can be used to layer or many other applications. All the snares have a pop that will cut through any mix. Several snares are layered with claps. These are heavy and would sound great in big beats. I dig how these snares are different types of feels. Many are metallic. Some have a woody feel. One snare I know I’m gonna hear in a R&B song has a water drop layered into it. These snares are pristine. Again these can be used from range from boom bap to R&B. The two hi hat loops are new ones never heard in previous Cardiak kits. The hi hats are chunky, a few are low fi….these joints have a good amount of variety. I saved the claps for last because there are only 7. The claps much like the snares POP! One thing I notice about Cardiak from his beats to his drums….he’s mastered the art of the creating big/ epic sound!

Over all I like this Clinic kit the best of three. With the added variety of kicks and snares, as well as the hi hats and other sounds this mini kit has all the quality of the flatline kits or artist kits. Cardiak gave us a lot of new and familiar sounds to build with. The use of these drums are sure to make your beats stand up as well as add a bonus meatiness that could only be found in a Cardiak kit. If you’re looking for a new kit to add to your arsenal that has multiple types of sounds to draw inspiration for your next banger I suggest you look no further.

While I found this kit to be damn near perfect there are two things I miss in this kit that actually was only in the 1st Clinic. The organizing sounds into folders and the session folder which makes it easier to locate a certain type of sound based off of the label of the folder. The session folder was like letting us behind the veil. Giving us a sneak peek into what elements made some of his hits, yet letting us use the them in many different aspects. Yo Cardi, bring back the sessions folder homie everyone wants that special behind the scenes feeling these folders give us!

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