Beat Butcha’s Pure Protein Vol. 4 Review

Beat Butcha’s Pure Protein Vol. 4 Review

What’s going on MM fam, its Woods here with another review. This time around I am going to be taking a look at the new kit from Beat Butcha called, Pure Protein Vol.4. Beat Butcha, for those who aren’t familiar is a producer from out of the UK who has worked with some big names such as, Mobb Deep, Sean Price, Klashnekoff and Danny Brown to name a few. Pure Protein Vol.4 is available from The Drum Broker and is the final instalment of the series, being a fan of the first 3 volumes I was eager to dig in and see what vol.4 has to offer. If you like hard hitting drums like Beat Butcha is known for, then this kit won’t disappoint.

The kit features over 600 sounds split into folders of 169 Kicks, 21 Claps & Clicks, 13 Snare rolls, 94 Single snares with a further 67 Stacked snares, 145 Hats & Percussion, 44 Fx, 11 Breaks & Drum loops and finally 79 Chords & chops. For a price of $24.99, you’re getting a pretty decent amount of sounds for your money. Well, no more wasting time. Let’s dig in.

The kit as a whole has a real organic, sampled feel to it. As you’d expect the kicks are big and aggressive, ranging from 808 and thudding low end kicks to slightly more punchy kicks that I find are good for layering to help them cut through the mix. The kicks folder also contains a small selection of toms.

The snare folders are my favourite. I like snares that hit hard and I wasn’t disappointed when I started listening to the single snare hits folder. This folder, to put it simply, is a folder of over 90 raw, snappy, hard hitting snares. If you add on top a folder with over 60 even harder hitting layered snares, some snare rolls and a folder of claps and clicks, then you know this kit is going to have your back for a while. I for one will be using it a lot.

The hats and percussion folder is packed with loads of great sounding live hi hat hits and loops, toms, crashes, drum rolls, rides, shakers and more. The Chords and chops folder containing 78 different Chord sounds and chops to use in your productions however you see fit including, Rhodes, pianos, synths, stabs and vox. There is also a folder of 44 various fx, from ambient and melodic to people talking and kids playing at the park.

All in all I love this kit and will definitely have fun banging out drum patterns for my beats using these sounds. If you like hard hitting drums then I urge you to check out any of the Beat Butcha kits as I am sure you will love them just like me and many other beat makers do. Thanks for reading MM fam, this Woods signing off Until the next one. Peace and stay creative.

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