TrailBlaze: Deep Trap Loops Review

Sup Peoples! It’s Daysun Civil again with another Maschine Masters review. My latest review is a kit designed for producers who make trap music. The guys @ ModeAudio have a sample kit called TrailBlaze: Deep Trap Loops. No time to waste! Let’s get into it!

The TrailBlaze: Deep Trap Loops is a sample kit with 223 files. There are 43 drum sounds, 90 loops and 90 midi files. The drums sounds are one shots with an 808 and a 909 drum sample sound quality. The 90 loops are neatly contained in folders labeled as Basslines, Drums, Pads and Ambiance, Snare Rolls, Sub Basslines, and Synth & Instruments. The midi files follow the same format as the loop files.

Mode Audio has positioned TrailBlaze as a sound kit for producers who make trap music. I happen to believe this kit is more appropriate for makers of EDM tracks. I would further state, this kit is for producers who make film scores. Some of the soundscapes within this kit are perfect for an action sequence.

I happen to like the concept of midi files. This is perfect for people who are unfamiliar with music theory, transitions or chord structure. Midi files give you the liberty to switch out the sounds and make tracks sound different. Personally, I would further change the structure of the midi file to make it my own.

Have you ever gotten one of those sample kits with that section of EDM, trance or dance music samples? Then you wonder, what I am going to do with this? I have the same feeling with this TrailBlaze because the vibe of the samples do not sound like trap music. Even though the kit has sub basslines, I think the title misguides the buyer. You can purchase this kit for 24.99 below.

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