Ski Beatz Limited Edition Drum Module

VolcanoBeats here with an exclusive straight from the Producer’s Choice, a dope site for top quality sounds might I add. They have teamed with Ski Beatz, the legendary producer responsible for some of Jay Z’s best early work (Dead Presidents, Feelin’ It, etc.) and recent work with the likes of Curren$y, Stalley, etc. PC and Ski has blessed us with a limited edition release. Very limited, only 100 copies limited. Ski Beatz Limited Edition Drum Module. This is a dedicated drum library for Native Instrument’s Kontakt 5. Pre-mapped and ready to roll. Drum Module has 6 octaves worth of sounds (C0 to B5). If you prefer just using the wav sounds there are 67 sounds in total; 20 kicks, 27 snares and 20 hihats/perc in separate folders. Just drums!!!! No synths, kazoos or cricket noises. Just the meat and potatoes. All of this library’s sounds are in 24bit/ 44.1 khz wav format. So these joints can be used as a kontakt library or you can load the raw files in Maschine, Reason, FL, or any other program that reads wav files.

Now what to expect from this library? Hard kicks, snappy snares and nice percussion sounds. These sounds are perfect for producers that need those head nod inducing sounds reminiscent of the golden era of hip hop from one of its best producers. Just one kit. No menu diving necessary. Just load it up and you have a blast from the past. There are simple ADSR controls on the front panel (GUI) but nothing else. One of the simplest layouts I have ever seen but hey, what else do you need? Its only drums.

Drum Module fulfills a need that a lot of drum designers nowadays forget. It’s cool to have two or three kicks stacked, kicks stacked with percussion and so on but sometimes you just want basic bones to craft your skeleton. That is where the Drum Module excels. Also its a Kontakt Library! That is one of my main gripes actually. A lot of drum designers make kits for Maschine, MPC, Reason, etc but rarely do you see guys making kits for the King of Samplers, NI’s Kontakt. That’s a big time plus. The less work I have to do the better. The sounds, though they remind you of the boom bap era, somehow don’t sound old, dated or thin. These are in your face, high quality drums that will go well with everything. Sample chopping, Trap, EDM, whatever you throw at it. Only thing I can point out is that I would have liked to have had a way to control each drum group’s volume without having to dig into the menus. (Kicks, Snare, Perc, etc…) But you can get around that with multiple instances so I guess it’s not that big of an issue.

49 big ones is the tab for this joint. Not a bad price for a Kontakt library at all. Plus if you don’t have/use Kontakt, you have access to the wav files. It’s like two products in one. So if you need those hard sounds for those hard beats, act now and go get Ski Beatz’ Limited Edition Drum Module. Only 100 copies are gonna be sold so wait long and you wait wrong. Signing off and as always, get back to work. Peace.

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