NorthSounds Piano Loops Vol1 Review

What’s good MM Fam? Richie Ballad here, with another review for you kit hungry animals. From the creator of the previously reviewed MPC Boom Bap Drums Vol.1, our good friend North P brings you his first installment of the True Essence Piano Loops Vol.1 which consists of 25 dope piano loops. The kit has the tempos labeled on each individual loop ranging from 79-93bpm, so you can load and play them with the required bpm or chop them precisely on point to lay them out on all 16 pads. They are in wav format so they can pretty much be used in any music production software (Protools, FL Studio, Maschine, MPC and Etc.).

What I dig most about these loops is the variety of simple and complex progressions playing up and down the major and minor scales. For those that understand music theory know what I mean. The sound source of these loops are played from a Yamaha Grand Piano, they have little to no processing, maybe a touch of room reverb with an open lid. Not to mention that most piano loops on the market are overly process (Mixed and Mastered) which exempts you from undoing what the last engineer has done. The loops provided in this kit give you more freedom to add your own touches to the mix.

The Piano loops also provide a bit of inspiration for those who suffer from the horrifying writers block, I’m guessing that’s why there called, True Essence Piano Loops. The piano loops are very synergetic to pretty much all your vst and live instruments. Since there are plenty of variety and variation in the loops it’s easy to chop and manipulate the melody to make it your own, definitely a jewel in this kit.

To get an in depth perspective of how the loops sound, I loaded a few of my favorites which is loop 4, 13 and 16. Loop 4 played at 93bpm has such a melodramatic feel; you can make a Rihanna/Eminem (Love the way you lie) type ballad with that loop. “I actually might use that for a future song”. Loop 13 played at 87 bpm has that New York state of mind vibe, “really, really dope”. I threw in some lo-fi drums behind the piano loop, with a simple baseline and had an instant classic Nas style beat. Last but not least, loop 16 played at 78bpm has that Akon/T-Pain anthem style progression. If you’re very creative you can throw in some heavy 808 style drums, leads, synths and have yourself a radio friendly hit. This just comes to show that this kit has all types of different styles to match most music genres.

If you’re interested, you can find this kit at for $25.00. All samples are royalty free. It does seem a bit pricey for 25 loops but this could be an investment for your future. Be sure to also check out his MPC Boom Bap Drum kit. Until next time, Peace MM!

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