MSX Audio presents the Corney Mims Bass pack

​Whats up fellow MM family, happy Thanksgiving! D-Nast here, back from a brief hiatus to share my thoughts and feelings on a hot new kit from our good friends MSXII Sound Design. The Corney Mims Bass Pack is a killer collection of 59 loops performed by the infamous Cornelius Mims. For those who aren’t hip, Cornelius is not only the Bassist featured on MSXII’s Soulful Stems series. This talented man is also the Man laying the groove for a countless number of stars including Mary J Blige, LL Cool J, and Michael Jackson just to name a few. This time around, MSXII has teamed up with Carvin Guitars providing Cornelius with a Carvin SB4000 Bass recorded with minimal processing through an Apogee A/D Converter. But with no further ado lets fire up them samplers and see what MSXII has for us this time.

​The first remark I have to make is, as always MSXII has provided the buyer with a very organized kit. Each of the 59 loops is not only labeled with the key they were recorded in, they are also then grouped together in sub folders, requiring little, to no brain power when browsing for what you want. Once diving into the Meat of this kit I have to say hats off to MSXII for another phenomenal kit. One loop that really popped to me and got me fired up was titled Smhmoney. Played in the Key of C, this loop instantly took me back to my roots, and is perfect for chopping into some,Golden Era, Dilla style Boom bap ( you know REAL HIP-HOP LOL). Another loop that really got me moving in my seat went by the name of Walk The Talk. This particular loop had a powerful southern gospel feel, as soon it started I could envision a choir in the background and someone like J Cole spittin some real bars over this bass line.

​The other thing I really enjoy about The Corney Mims Bass Pack, is how well preserved the original sound is. 80% of kits available to producers today are stacked with FX tailored to the kit makers taste, sometimes making them hard to customize. MSXII has retained the original sound with out compression or limiting, giving the buyer the ultimate decision on the final product, an unpolished diamond if you will. Another great part of this kit is not only is the buyer given the WAV files. MSXII has included a REX file for each loop, for time stretching purposes, another perfect feature for customizing!

​In conclusion MSXII Sound Design has really knocked it out of the park again (hats off to Cornelius Mims and Carvin guitars as well). With a perfectly organized kit, super high quality,extra funky, bass lines The Corney Mims Bass Pack is a true gem. Hailing in at $ 29.99 this kit is a must have for any true hip-hop head who enjoys a quality sounding product, that leaves room for personal tweaking. I hope everyone eats a lot of turkey and makes some killer music this this weekend!

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