Maschine 2.2 Software Update is now Available

Native Instruments releases MASCHINE 2.2 Software Update

Berlin, November 25, 2014 – Native Instruments today released the
MASCHINE 2.2 software – a major update of NI’s acclaimed integrated
hardware/software groove production system. New features include Smart
Play™, adding new melodic capabilities, unified sound browsing, full
KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series keyboard integration, Light Guide™
synchronization, and more to the MASCHINE workflow. The MASCHINE 2.2
update is free for all MASCHINE 2 software owners. MASCHINE owners not
currently using MASCHINE 2 can upgrade for 50% off the regular retail
price until December 12th, 2014.

The MASCHINE 2.2 update adds a powerful new melodic dimension to the
MASCHINE workflow. The Smart Play™ features include a new scale and
chord engine, as well as a fully-functional arpeggiator. Producers can
select from a range of popular musical scales and chords, and perform
them into their productions directly on MASCHINE’s 16 high-sensitivity
pads. The arpeggiator allows precise control of direction, octave span,
and subdivision – its output is also recorded directly into MASCHINE’s
Pattern Editor, providing easy post-performance editing of the note
sequences. The update also unlocks MASCHINE STUDIO’s touch-sensitive
knobs for an even faster, touch-and-see workflow.

MASCHINE 2.2 also brings full KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series integration to
MASCHINE. Producers can browse instruments and effects in the MASCHINE
software directly from an S-Series keyboard. Once an instrument or
effect is loaded key parameters automatically map to the display knobs
on both pieces of hardware. The luxurious Fatar keybeds add a new level
of fluid expression. Light Guide™ also synchronizes perfectly with
MASCHINE’s pads, giving producers the same level of feedback on both
pieces of hardware when switching from beats to melodic playing.

The MASCHINE 2.2 update, as well as all future MASCHINE 2 updates, is
free for all current MASCHINE 2 owners.

As part of the release, MASCHINE users who have not yet updated to the
MASCHINE 2 software receive special discounted pricing – $49.50 / 49,50
€ / ¥ 5,900 / £44,50 / AU$ 64,50 until December 12th, 2014.

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