Kingsway Lap of Luxury Vol2 Review

Greetings fellow Maschine Masters! Volcano Beats back at you once more with a bag full of jewels. Actual rubies, diamonds and pearls for your ears. What I am talking about is none other than Kingsway Music’s Lap of Luxury 2. If you slept on volume one, wake up! This is one of the dopest original sample libraries, from one of the hottest brands in the game! Headed by Frank Dukes himself. Yes that Frank Dukes. The same guy that has lent his expertise to many artists and producers alike with jewels just like the ones in this library (Drake’s “0-100” and Slaughterhouse’s “Illmind interlude” are two that come to mind).


When you take a listen you will be amazed by the fact that these compositions were made just for people like us. Producers craving that vintage sound without the high cost of vintage gear or sample clearance issues. Though they are not royalty free, they are however master clearance guaranteed because you are getting them directly from their creator. Dukes still owns the masters on these gems but you can use them in any way you like. If a song with one of the samples gets placed, obviously Dukes gets a percentage of the publishing. So it’s like you are collaborating on beat with Frank Dukes basically. Okay, enough with the legal stuff, back to the sounds.


Frank Dukes did a stellar job of making this library sound dated, like it was created in the 70’s for a TV Show or a movie soundtrack. So my vinyl crate diggers are gonna feel right at home with this one, I know I did. There are 11 compositions in total. These joints are just begging to be mangled, diced and chopped to your heart’s desire. They all possess depth and detail that can’t be explained by anything other than the word Luxurious. Intros, change-ups, and the whole nine yards. These are not just one shot loops for sure! This is enough material to sculpt into more than a few bangers. The first one titled “Hubey” reminded me of a 70’s crime flick intro with its lush horns, dope bass line, funky rhythm guitar, organs…..wooo! Got my blood pumping right off the top! I eq’d and filtered off the top end to get that infectious bass line by itself and dropped my own drums and synths all over it. My favorite is titled “Stoners Creek”. I mean what’s the 70’s without a stoner, right? This one starts out with a nice piano and is then driven by a dope guitar groove, complemented by synth strings that are so full and so warm that they could melt butter.


All files are in 16bit/ 44khz wav format so they are standard and use-able across the board in most DAW programs as well as most hardware and software samplers. Weighing in at 280mb, this collection is worth its weight in gold. This pack definitely boasts substance and quality over girth. Luxury is usually expensive but you can get a taste of the finer things for just 40 bucks. And I think you’ll agree it’s a great price for a great title. So if you are in need of sounds so rich that they should come with Robin Leach, pick up Kingsway Music’s Lap of Luxury 2. You definitely will not be disappointed. As always, get back to work. Peace.

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