Illmind’s Blap Kit 6 Review

The one we’ve ALL been waiting for is finally here!!!!!

Waddup Maschine Masters. Every once in a while a unique producer will do something so genius it overshadows everything else in the game. !llmind has earned the nickname Blap Master. From everything he touches he gives his signature uniqueness to. The Blap Kit series was a paradigm shift in the sample game. I seriously don’t even remember what sample kits I was using before the Blap Kits. I do however remember that once the Blap kits were birthed it caused a shift in the sound design game that had producers stepping up their drum samples.

But enough about the Sensei of drum samples, lets dive into his latest and absolute greatest kit yet.
The kit (like a epic album) opens with a holiday bell melody. Right in time for Christmas, ironic this kit being dropped in December is a awesome GIFT to any producer looking to one up others by using epic drummage (yeah I said “drummage”). The bell sounds warm and crackly like they were sampled straight off of vinyl.

Unlike previous kits this kit welcomes several chords. These are again for epic use and have been given to us at several pitches in single files. Chop them in your favorite DAW.
These chords sound like they were snatched straight from our favorite vintage synths. The use of these a bass line and several drums from this kit is enough to produce a solid beat that will guarantee a placement! (CHORDS_STARCOMMANDO is pure epic INSANITY!!!!!!)

Now to the drums! This kit contains more tweaked, fx and freaked drums than previous kits. I personally love these. Some producers will prefer more dry sounds with less fx. These sounds however were handled very carefully.

There are only 4 Claps in the kit. They are snappy and pop as to cut through the mix of a beat.
CLAP_FESTOR has a effect layered under it that makes it more tonal than the other 3 sounds.

The breaks… oh my the breaks. !llmind has pioneered creating breaks that sound like they were snatched from vinyl. These have been run through a series of processes to give them that authentic vinyl feel. You’d swear these came from your favorite record….deep from in the record crate. NOPE, the Blap Master handled the creation and tweak age of these with scientific precision! These breaks sound like they were originally a part of the All Breaks Everything 1 or 2 kits. (DRUMLOOP_SAMEPLATE pure off kilter vinyl punch).

There are about 20 Hi hats in this kit including the open hi hats. Again these are what you’d expect to get if you sampled from vinyl. Six of these are hi hat loops. Chop these and sprinkle them over your beats. !llmind has a impeccable ear for detail as you can hear captured in the ambiance of many of the hi hat samples, some are live and some sound tweaked to feel more like vinyl.

The Kicks amaze me because no matter how much processing and tweaking was used they all remain solid. These kicks are great to be used as is or layered with other kicks. The different feels each kick provide is amazing.

KICK_SYRUP are of the thumpier heavy kicks whereas KICK_CHUGGA is more of a tweaked out vinyl sounding kick that can be used as is to create a lo fi feel. These kicks show the versatility of this kit. There is something for everyone.

The snares are the standout out sounds of this kit. There is a wide variety of snares ranging from loud, to hard hitting and some downright obnoxious. Several snares are layered with claps. Some are metallic…..many have a genuine vinyl feel. (The Blap Master loves vinyl). Some snares are sound effect layered with good amounts of pop/ snap (SNARE_2_HENHEN, SNARE_DIEBITCH and SNARE_GODDS for example). There are also four snare rolls, which are nice additions to this kit.

The sweeps included are very colorful and almost have a playful characteristic. These are a great addition for a quirky track. These are the type of sweeps you could hear in production by Dilla (Lightworks). Plus seven pitches of subs have been added to give this kit a well rounded feel (boom bap to trap)

In what felt like a hidden treasure !llmind included 4 “Weird” samples that are little teases of unorthodox melodies. Quite similar to what you’d hear on a prog rock album or in a 80’s sci-fi movie (WEIRD_JEOPARDY is ear candy!!!!)

The only one missing element from this kit is the beloved “grunts”. We get one in this kit but the fact that !llmind included the chords make this an even trade off.

All in all there is NOTHING lackluster about this kit. Its epic, it’s got quirk, dirt, sci-fi. This is my favorite blap kit thus far! It’s definitely !llminds most versatile kit yet. A wide variety of sounds are provided which will give you plenty to work with. Pick up your copy today!

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