Havoc – 13 Reloaded (Deluxe Edition) Review

Havoc – 13 Reloaded (Deluxe Edition)

What up MM! Hope you’ll had a good Thanksgiving and now your back in the zone, ready to create some dope beats. Well I have something that will definitely help you. Super producer Havoc from Mobb Deep has released another kit, 13 Reloaded (Deluxe Edition). This kit follows the release of his new album, which is also called 13 Reloaded.

Right, this kit is sectioned into 4 folders, 13 Reloaded the album, drum kits, instrumentals and acapellas. Yes that’s right, it seems that whatever Havoc used to create the album, has been included in this action packed kit. Everything comes in .WAV format, which makes them compatible with most DAW’S including Pro tools, Ableton, Logic Pro X, Reason, Fruity Loops etc.

This Deluxe Package is organized beautifully. As highlighted above, it is initially split into 4 folders. As you can guess the album folder is filled with all the tracks from Havoc’s new album, 13 Reloaded. The instrumentals are simply the instrumentals from the album. Where it gets real juicy is the kits. They have been individually organized by the track name. I think this is dope. If you hear a Snare or a Kick you like from one of the tracks off 13 Reloaded, then you can simply dive in and find it pretty easily. Last but not least the acapellas. Yes, there are 14 files and you have guessed it, they are the acapellas from the album. These can be really useful, as you can chop them up and layer them on any track. We all know as producers, we can liven up an average beat with acapellas.

So lets dive into the kits. There is a mixture of 14 Kicks, 11 Snares, 8 808’s, 17 Percussion, 4 Drum Loops and more. As expected, the Kicks and Snares have that gritty, dark vibe to them, but they deliver real punch and presence. There is a good mix of Hi-Hats, Tambourines and Cymbals that are all of high quality and adaptable to most genres of music. The 808’s vary from being deep and bassy, to being light and sustained. I’m a big fan of the drum loops. They carry that gritty sound and they make me reminisce about the dominating 90’s Hip-Hop era. I would say they are definitely more suited to the dark, street like, kind of beat.

All the files are high quality and would be an addition to any producers arsenal. If you’re a Hip-Hop producer or any producer in fact, that is a big fan of Havoc and like his style of beats, then I would highly recommend this Deluxe Package. Especially if you haven’t copped his new album yet.

So you can grab this elephant of a package from our friends over at DrumBroker and at an amazing price of $24.99. Let me try to put things in perspective. Even if the kit was Whack, Which it isn’t. The album, acapellas and instrumentals are worth that price alone, easily. So MM grab this epic kit at a Black Friday price. Don’t miss out.

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